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BBVA Apk is a real-time sharing and aiding financial app for Android created in collaboration with BBVA Team.
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Mar 9, 2024
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In the past, financial institutions like banks employed chequebooks and other payment procedures. In order to withdraw money and transfer it. With the current needs in mind, we have succeeded in bringing BBVA Apk. This application for financials will allow you, users, to make all inquiries online.


Today, the world is operating quickly. As a result, many people prefer to use banks online instead of visiting branch locations. In addition, because they are stressed with their everyday tasks, they can’t spend time in offices.

The recent pandemic attack has changed the game. Many people are hesitant to go to financial institutions due to the risks of living. The app is focused on all of the issues and assisting people. The experts have succeeded in introducing this latest BBVA App.

What is BBVA APK?

BBVA Apk is a real-time sharing and aiding financial app for Android created in collaboration with BBVA Team. The application is now integrated into smartphones and will enable android users. To make unlimited online transactions with no assistance.

The idea that online banking can be used to manage your finances is popular with people. Thanks to technological advancement, anyone can effortlessly manage their financial accounts. All they have to do is log in to the main dashboard and benefit from the premium features.

BBVA is known by the name Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. For real, it is a financial services provider multi-national bank. Customers can avail of instant loans, account openings, and many other services at no cost.

Intending to achieve help people, the development team from BBVA choose to launch the innovative BBVA Android application. It is free and doesn’t require subscriptions to use the major features available.

BBVA Apk App Features

  • Biometric identification means that you can access your fingerprint*and then use a unique login password for access.
  • Create a mobile Money Savings or Payroll Account online to sign up as a customer.
  • The password for your Credit and Debit Cards can be assigned to you for the first time or modified anytime.
  • Your products can be seen in full detail and manipulated, and you can make transactions through pressing.
  • Extracts your entire inventory and create Certificates for your Current and Savings Accounts.
  • You can switch off and on your credit and debit cards through the product details.
  • Show the CVV number of your credit and debit cards to purchase online.
  • You can rescind your investment account at any time.
  • Public services can be paid for through scanning barcodes on your bill using your camera on your phone or entering the reference number for your payment. In addition, we accept invoice payments with double payment references.
  • Charge your mobile phone and pay taxes.
  • Pay for your BBVA products (credit cards, Revolving quotas, payroll advances) and credit cards issued by other banks.
  • Transfer funds among your BBVA account and those of other banks when you require these funds. Transferring your account to another account is as easy as registering the account on the application and then transferring the account immediately.
  • Pay for top-ups, payments, and transfer funds to banks that are popular with you so that next time you need to do these, you won’t need to locate the bill or the details.
  • You can make immediate payments using the Credit Card to your Savings Account or Checking Account.
  • Credit Cards from BBVA allow users to withdraw money from their accounts and Mobile Money and make advances without the need to carry the card.
  • Check if you’ve been pre-approved credit for a Credit Card, Revolving Quota, or Credit.
  • You can ask for additional information for your Current Consumer Credit by contacting the Credit Retanqueo or hiring CDTs, or request Payroll advances and Investment Funds online without having to visit our office.
  • Make the most of the offers we offer and use the points you earn with BBVA points.
  • We’ll be in touch with you if you update your email or your home address.
  • You can create a unique dynamic code using the option ‘Token’ to validate operations on BBVA Net and BBVA Line, the safest method of approving your operation.
  • Would you like to be aware of the movement in your account? Then, control your financial affairs with your BBVA mobile alerts program.


Today, people cannot afford to spend lots of resources and time in banks. So, in search of the issue and individuals’ assistance, the BBVA technology team has come up with this innovative idea. Installing the BBVA Apk can help you manage and make endless transactions with mobile phones.


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