Benji Bananas MOD APK v (Unlimited Bananas)

Benji Bananas Mod APK is an Android game that challenges players to collect as many bananas as possible while swinging from vine to vine.
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May 28, 2024
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Benji Bananas Mod APK is an Android game that challenges players to collect as many bananas as possible while swinging from vine to vine. The game is set in a lush jungle environment and features colorful graphics and challenging gameplay. There are over 100 levels to play, and the game is suitable for players of all ages.


Benji Bananas is a game for Android smartphones. It’s an adventure platformer that will keep you entertained. It’s got fun gameplay, impressive levels, and unique challenges. And you can even play with a friend.

The gameplay in Benji Bananas consists of swinging through a jungle. You’ll guide the monkey through a maze of vines, collecting fruits and avoiding traps and dangers.


The physics in the game are realistic. Gravity is your enemy, and you’ll need to coordinate your swinging with the direction of your swinging. You’ll also be able to collect bananas, which can be used to buy gear and power-ups. You’ll earn points by catching fruits, but you can earn even more by upgrading your monkey.

Benji Bananas also has an interesting soundtrack. It’s not as complete as the game itself, but it’s got enough to make the experience memorable.

Features of Benji Bananas APK

Benji Bananas Mod APK is a great educational game for children. This is an endless runner, and it has some cool sound effects. It’s a great game to have fun with, and you can download it on your phone for free. Here are the notable features of this game:

Endless runner

Benji Bananas is a fun and exciting endless runner game for Android users. This game is known for its cute graphics and nifty features.

Help Monkey Collecting Bananas

In Benji Bananas, players need to help the monkey Benji collect bananas. This task involves swinging through the jungles. You will also have to avoid dangerous animals such as tigers. There are a variety of obstacles to overcome, such as spiky plants, fake ropes, and gravity. You can even use snake oil to prevent your rope from being ripped off.

Multiplayer Game Playing Modes

Benji Bananas offers three different multiplayer game modes. Each mode has its own rules and challenges. However, the game’s main goal is to collect as many bananas as possible. You can earn extra bananas by completing quests.

Navigate Tricky Levels by Using a Jet Pack

Benji has various abilities, including a jet pack that allows him to steer in the air. This helps him navigate through tricky levels. You can also purchase Benji skins, allowing him to change his appearance.

Cool sound effects

Benji Bananas is a game that has many cool sound effects. The sound effects are well-designed and realistic. The gameplay is also fun. The main character in the game is a monkey.


Different Game-Playing Modes

Benji Bananas is an arcade game that will keep you engrossed for hours. The game offers a variety of different game modes. The mode you choose will have different rules and challenges. There are many items you can use to improve your monkey’s skills. You can also play online.

Upgrade Your Equipment and Unlock Powers

There are three game modes to choose from. One is the Physics-based Adventure, which involves jumping between various ropes and avoiding dangers. You can earn bananas to upgrade your equipment. You can also unlock special powers.

Multiple Levels

The Benji Bananas game has a wide range of levels. Each level is unique, allowing users to experience new and exciting gameplay. The game is also available in three multiplayer modes. Each mode has its own rewards. In addition, the game has been updated with new features.


The Benji Bananas APK is free to download. You can enjoy this game for hours without spending a dime. Benji Bananas has a lot of upgrades, including the ability to unlock a jetpack and gorilla head start.

Popular Among Children

Benji Bananas is an APK game that is very popular among children. It is an easy-to-play game that requires no special skills or knowledge. The game aims to help Benji Bananas swing from one vine to another and collect as many bananas as possible. The game is very addicting and can be played for hours on end.


Benji Bananas is a physics-based adventure game that takes place in the jungle. Playing as a monkey, players swing along vines. They can also collect bananas to purchase power-ups. They must also avoid obstacles in the jungle.

Download Benji Bananas MOD APK v1.68 (Unlimited Bananas)


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