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BTS Island: The SEOM, players can create costumes to be worn by players of the BTS group. You can, therefore, pick the hairstyle and color, as well as accessories like glasses, clothing, headphones, and much more.
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BTS Island in the SEOM APK is a fun puzzle game geared towards ARMY players (BTS fans). It’s an opportunity to explore the characters’ lives from BTS Island Mod Apk and join them on exciting adventures on the island of dreams. You can complete puzzles to discover decorations and construct gorgeous shelters.

Download BTS Island APK Latest Version 2024

There are many games in the world of puzzles. There are a lot of games on mobile if you are looking for them. In the genre of puzzles, you can play classics such as checkers, chess and other games.

However, many puzzles make you want to play more. A popular puzzle game to play can be found at BTS Island.

You’ll assist the kids in this fun game as they sink their boat on an island. You’ll have the chance to pick from various options on what you should do and how to speak in specific areas.

The game has many tales waiting for you to discover in this entertaining and relaxing game. The most important thing is to solve the numerous puzzles that require you to collect certain items like leaves and fruits. Find the identical puzzles so that you will be able to unlock a variety of things to play the game. Do you have the ability to assist the boys?

Features of BTS Island APK

Here are the important features of this game.

Explore fun puzzle boards

The core of the game is vibrant match-3 puzzles. Players’ goal is to complete the challenges on each level to gain appealing rewards. The gameplay isn’t that new, as you need to match at least three identical items to eliminate the levels. However, players require different strategies to solve puzzles depending on the rules for each level. Make huge combos instead of three items. The more complex the combo, the greater the score and the higher the chances of winning.

In addition, as you unlock additional levels, the game will be harder. Gamers can ask boosters to in clearing the board faster. Combinations can create stunning explosions that are eye-catching across the display. Things with beautiful designs and colors also inspire. Therefore, the puzzle boards can be a wonderful spot to unwind and a good place to look for a huge reward.

Design group members

BTS Island: The SEOM, players can create costumes to be worn by players of the BTS group. You can, therefore, pick the hairstyle and color, as well as accessories like glasses, clothing, headphones, and much more. Each member will have distinctive personalities and styles that suit them. Therefore, let your imagination run wild to create your persona and showcase your God.

Apart from appearance aside from appearance, the characters in the game show the character of each player in their real lives. RM is the leader of the group and is always selfless and thoughtful. The eldest Jin is always happy, J-Hope is always full of positivity, Jimin is warm and sweet, V is charming, SUGA is cold, and then there’s the amazing Jungkook. Each of the characters looks adorable in chibi.

BTS Members

The game features the BTS players from BTS since they’re the starting point for the contest. These include members such as RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, Jimin Jin, and Jin. Every member is distinct and has their hair color to differentiate them from the rest of the group.

They also have various dialogues and choices you’ll have to consider. The game is played out in which participants will have to survive by finding resources in the game, solving puzzles, and cooperating.

Dream Island decoration

Puzzle boards can provide great rewards for creating the island you have always wanted. You can create an individual basketball court aquarium and camping area, as well as a beachside resort, and create a myriad of other designs. The game has no boundaries, and the players can be creative and enjoy creating. After everything is constructed, they can join their friends in fun activities throughout the day. Organize soccer practice and basketball games, go camping, fish, talk or sing songs, and more. You have the chance to make wonderful memories that you’ve never experienced before.

Fun and vibrant Cartoon-style chibi

The game’s entire environment is created in a cartoon-like style. Particularly, the characters in chibi style are hilarious and cute. The background of games is always lively and vibrant and filled with beautiful scenes. Music is always uplifting, inspiring, and relaxing for everyone who plays. This means that everything is near and is suitable for players of all kinds, including youngsters. The game is extremely simple. Just press the screen to choose and play. It won’t take much time to complete all the locations and activities in the game.


For the ARMY, BTS Island Mod Apk is a fantastic present. However, this game is appropriate for everyone, even those unfamiliar with BTS. This is the perfect location to relax and enjoy a moment of rest on a romantic beach. In addition, you can showcase your construction and design abilities to design a stunning location. Don’t miss out on the fun activities with other BTS members. BTS. Furthermore, create them in your style using the variety of items available.

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