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Bulu Monster Mod APK is a story mode that takes players on an adventure through a fantasy world. The player must battle monsters and capture them to be the best trainer. 
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Sigma Game Limited
May 28, 2024
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Download Bulu Monster Mod APK and defeat the monsters. You will love this beautiful fighting game.

Introduction of Bulu Monster

Bulu Monster is the most well-known game by Sigma Game Limited. It was launched for Android in mid-2013. The game is now over seven years old. However, the developer continues to release content updates to improve the user experience. The game is installed over 5 million times and has received thousands of 5-star ratings on Google Play.


Bulu Monster is a simplified version of the Pokémon game. You can create characters and roam the map looking for monsters.  Battles in Bulu Monster can be very simple and easy to understand. If you have played Pokémon games in the past, there are no instructions required. The battle will begin, and the monsters will be sent out to the battlefield. The bottom of the screen displays monster skills. You can select the skills you wish to use each time it’s your turn.

Bulu Monster’s map looks like a road. You will encounter different monsters and challenges as a result. The screen will move automatically to the battlefield when there is a fight. So make sure you’re always ready to fight!

Bulu Monster Mod APK 2024 Features

Monsters system

Bulu Monster offers over 150 different types of monsters to train and collect. In addition, you can capture wild monsters using a Capture Ball. To catch them, you must first defeat them in battle and then select the ball that matches their strength.

The monsters are truly impressive from the point of view of their appearance. They look sharp and elegant. Furthermore, they are very precise in their movements, and you can see that when they fight. According to some reviews, Bulu Monster may be better than Pokémon games in this regard.

Each monster has its own set of skills and stats. They will also gain experience that allows them to level up. As a result, you will gain more HP, speed, and damage. During this time, you can unlock new combat skills. You can even increase your skills to level 10.

To receive rewards, complete tasks

Every day, the task system is updated. As your journey moves on to a new chapter, new tasks are also available. In addition, you will be awarded matching rewards upon completion of the puzzle. These include Bulu Points and Exp, as well as rare monsters.

NPCs can also offer quests and quizzes. Interacting with them will give you additional information and instructions to help you find treasures.

Visit the store

This store sells special items such as monsters, potions and kits. Kit Sets come in different varieties. These Kit Sets are available for Bulu Points. They include items like Capture Balls and experience.

The potion can be used to heal wounds, boost strength and increase HP during battle. A drug can also be used to weaken enemy monsters and make it easier to capture them.

Rare monsters are only available in shops. Monsters can be purchased for 800 to 1000 Bulu points. Their default level is 5, and their rank ratings range between 1 to 3 stars.

What is Bulu Point?

Bulu Point is the currency of Bulu Monster. These points can be used to buy items and to quickly complete tasks.

Bulu Monster MOD APK feature

  • Unlimited Bulu points.
  • Premium features unlocked.

How to download Bulu Monster Mod APK Latest Version 2024 on Android?

The latest version of the game is available on our website.

  • Click on the download now link.
  • The downloading of the bulu monster will take a few seconds.
  • Once the download is complete, then install the game on your mobile and play it.

Final Words

Bulu Monster is a story mode that takes players on an adventure through a fantasy world. The player must battle monsters and capture them to be the best trainer. Story mode allows players to compete against other trainers in PvP mode. This is a familiar turn-based fighting game.

Download Bulu Monster Mod APK v10.7.1 (Unlimited Items) 



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