CarTube APK Download For Android Latest Version 2024

CarTube APK is a free and open-source application that allows you to watch YouTube videos in your car. It is designed to work with Android Auto but can also be used on your phone or tablet.
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April 8, 2024
Android 8.0.0 and up
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CarTube APK is a free and open-source application that allows you to watch YouTube videos in your car. It is designed to work with Android Auto but can also be used on your phone or tablet. CarTube has a simple interface that makes finding and playing videos easy. You can also create playlists, search for videos, and control playback with your voice.

Carstream APK is another similar app that can be used to watch YouTube in your car.

Awesome Features of CarTube APK

CarTube APK has some great features that make your experience with it just that much more enjoyable. This article explains these incredible features and why many people have tried this app.

In addition to discussing these excellent features, you can find out what makes CarTube APK better than other apps and how it compares to the competition on the market today.

User-friendly interface

CarTube has a user-friendly interface that makes finding and listening to podcasts easy. The interface automatically detects when you start driving, so you can listen to your favorite podcast without manually switching it on. When you stop driving, the app switches back off until the next time you need it.

Offers HD quality videos

CarTube is a video app that offers high-definition videos, giving you the best viewing experience. The videos are HD quality, so you’ll never have to worry about blurry or pixelated footage.

Built-in video player

The video player is always on and allows you to watch videos without leaving the app. Videos are downloaded for offline viewing, so you don’t need a Wi-Fi connection to watch them. The video player is in a smaller window, so it doesn’t take up space but can be moved around the screen.

Supports subtitles

One great feature of CarTube is that it supports subtitles. This makes it possible for more people to enjoy the videos, as they can have them in their native language. The subtitles are automatically downloaded and updated along with the video, so you don’t have to worry about going through the extra work. There are also options to choose different languages for captions and subtitles on each video, meaning that you can select whichever best suits your needs.

Allows you to create playlists

CarTube is a great way to create playlists from your favorite songs. Add the song you want and tap on the three lines in the bottom left corner. This brings up a menu with options for adding more songs, deleting them, playing them right now, or putting them on a playlist. Once you have your playlist set up, click Done to save it.

Night mode

CarTube’s night mode is perfect for those who like to watch videos at night. The screen automatically adjusts the brightness and contrasts to make it easier on the eyes. This feature also has a timer that turns off the app after a set time.


Unlike other apps, CarTube is entirely ad-free. This means you can download it without worrying about annoying ads interrupting your driving experience. Plus, you’ll never have to deal with pop-ups asking for reviews or permissions that can slow down your phone.

CarTube is safe to use

CarTube is safe to use and doesn’t need an account. Users can make an anonymous account, but it’s unnecessary. The app also automatically deletes your history on the app once you leave, so you don’t have to worry about snooping eyes or hackers!

Final Words

We can conclude that the CarTube APK is a great way to watch videos while on the go. It is very user-friendly and has a sleek interface. The best thing about it is that it is free and does not require registration.


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