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EGWhatsApp APK: tailored for Egypt's and the Muslim community's needs, offering unique features for cooking, fitness, health, spirituality, and business.
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June 7, 2024
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EGWhatsApp is an innovative version of the popular messaging app, tailored specifically to meet the needs of users in Egypt and the broader Muslim community. This modified APK includes a range of unique features designed to enhance user experience, providing not only communication tools but also lifestyle, health, and religious resources. Here’s a detailed look at the standout features of EGWhatsApp APK.


Below are the features discussed in detail;

Eve Oasis

Eve Oasis is a unique feature aimed at women, especially those with a passion for cooking. This feature provides:

Ingenious Kitchen Recipes: Access to a wide variety of creative recipes to enhance culinary skills.

New Recipe Feeds: Regular updates on the latest recipes, ensuring users always have fresh ideas for meals.

This feature is particularly beneficial for housewives and anyone involved in daily kitchen activities, offering a handy resource for meal planning and cooking inspiration.

Adam Oasis

Adam Oasis is designed for men, focusing on improving physical fitness and sports activities. This feature includes:

Gym Workouts: Detailed guides and routines for gym exercises.

Sports Activities: Tips and techniques to enhance performance in various sports.

By incorporating these resources, EGWhatsApp supports users in developing their physical fitness and sports skills, contributing to overall personal development.

Medical Oasis

Medical Oasis provides essential health-related information and tips to help users maintain hygiene and health. This feature offers:

Health Feeds: Regular updates on health tips and advice.

Disease Information: Detailed knowledge about various diseases, their prevention, and cures.

Users can stay informed about health issues and get practical advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, making this a valuable resource for personal wellness.

Quranic and Ahadeeth Collection

As a WhatsApp application that caters to the Muslim community, EGWhatsApp includes a comprehensive “Quranic and Ahadeeth Collection”:

Holy Quran: Built-in access to the Holy Quran.

Ahadeeth Collection: A vast library of Ahadeeth for spiritual guidance.

Prayer Times: Notifications for prayer times to ensure users never miss their prayers.

Fortress of the Muslim: Access to the book “Forty Nawawi” and other Islamic texts.

Morning and Evening Remembrances: Audio and written forms of daily prayers and remembrances.

Prophet Stories: Inspiring stories of the prophets.

Company Profile

For business professionals, EGWhatsApp offers the “Company Profile” feature:

Detailed Business Profiles: Create a comprehensive profile for your business.

Contact Information: Share contact details like Gmail ID, LinkedIn, and Instagram profiles.

This feature helps business owners promote their enterprises, making it easier for contacts to reach them and potentially boosting business opportunities through enhanced visibility.

Register With Landline Number

A unique and innovative feature of EGWhatsApp is the ability to “Register With a Landline Number”

Landline Registration: Use a landline number for WhatsApp registration.

Voice Call Verification: Verify your landline number via a voice call option.

Dual WhatsApp Accounts

Dual WhatsApp Accounts: It is a convenient feature that allows users to manage two WhatsApp accounts on a single device:

Multiple Accounts: Run a personal and business WhatsApp account simultaneously.

Seamless Switching: Easily switch between accounts without the need for multiple devices.

This feature is particularly useful for individuals who need to separate their personal and professional communication.

Media Channel Connectivity

Media Channel Connectivity: connects users to various TV channels, although this feature is region-specific and primarily available in the Arabian region:

TV Channel Access: Connect to select TV channels directly through WhatsApp.

This feature enhances the multimedia capabilities of EGWhatsApp, providing users with easy access to entertainment and information.


EGWhatsApp APK stands out with its specialized features that go beyond traditional messaging. From enhancing culinary skills and physical fitness to providing essential health tips and religious resources, EGWhatsApp offers a comprehensive platform tailored to meet diverse user needs. Whether for personal development, spiritual growth, or business promotion, EGWhatsApp provides valuable tools and resources, making it a unique and versatile application for users in Egypt and the broader Muslim community.

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