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Download ER WhatsApp APK that offer Enhanced privacy, customizations, message bombing, and unlimited data transfers
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June 8, 2024
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ER WhatsApp APK(ERWA) is a modified version of the popular messaging app WhatsApp, offering a range of enhanced features that aren’t available in the official version. Before installing ERWA, it’s essential to explore its unique aspects and understand how they can improve your messaging experience.


Here’s a detailed look at some standout features of ER WhatsApp:

Control Blue Ticks

One of the most sought-after features of ER WhatsApp is the ability to control blue ticks. Blue ticks indicate that a message has been read, which can sometimes go against your wishes to maintain privacy or avoid immediate responses. With ERWA, you can read messages without notifying the sender, giving you the freedom to manage your reading status as you see fit.

Bombing a Message

ER WhatsApp introduces a fun feature called “Bombing a Message.” This allows you to send a specific message multiple times with just one tap. For example, you can bombard your best friend with the text “SORRY” countless times until they forgive you. It’s a playful tool designed to add some humor and excitement to your conversations.

Text Embellishment

Text embellishment is a creative feature that lets you decorate your text messages before sending them. By pressing the embellishment button after writing your message, you can choose from various template fonts to give your text a unique look. This feature adds a personal touch to your messages, making your communication more expressive.

Protect Your Chats

Security is a priority with ER WhatsApp. It offers advanced protection for your chats, ensuring that they are safe from physical intrusions. You can lock your chats and set strong passwords using different formats such as fingerprints, patterns, or codes. This extra layer of security ensures your WhatsApp remains protected even if someone has access to your phone.

Use Your Favorite Video Player

Many users find the built-in video player in WhatsApp to be lacking in functionality. ER WhatsApp addresses this by allowing you to use an external video player for playing videos in your chat box. This means you can enjoy features like speeding up videos, skipping scenes, and adjusting brightness, significantly enhancing your video-watching experience within the app.

Go Limitless with ER WhatsApp

ER WhatsApp removes the restrictions on data transfer that are present in the official WhatsApp. You can now send up to 100 MB audio files and 700 MB video files. Additionally, you can send more than 30 documents and 10 pictures in one go. This extended limit makes sharing large files and multiple documents more convenient.

Auto Reply/Message Scheduler

ER WhatsApp’s auto-reply and message scheduler feature is perfect for businesses and busy individuals. You can create templates for automatic replies, ensuring that your contacts receive timely responses even when you’re not available. This feature is particularly useful for customer service, allowing you to maintain engagement with your audience 24/7.


ER WhatsApp offers extensive customization options, allowing you to personalize almost every aspect of the app. You can change background colors, apply gradients, scale emoji sizes, modify fonts, and add various details to beautify your WhatsApp interface. This level of customization helps you tailor the app to your unique preferences.

Themes and Plugins

One of the standout features of ER WhatsApp is its vast collection of themes and plugins. You can access hundreds of themes to change the look and feel of your app. Simply go to ERWhatsApp Plugins, and you’ll find a wide array of categories to choose from. This feature allows you to keep your WhatsApp fresh and visually appealing.

Be Multilingual

ER WhatsApp supports over 40 major languages, including English, Hindi, Chinese, Urdu, Italian, French, and Spanish. This multilingual support ensures you can communicate with people from different parts of the world without language barriers, making it a truly global messaging app.


ER WhatsApp stands out with its plethora of features that enhance the user experience beyond the capabilities of the official WhatsApp. From controlling blue ticks and message bombing to extensive customization and enhanced security, ERWA offers a versatile and powerful messaging platform. Whether for personal use or business communication, ER WhatsApp provides innovative tools and functionalities to cater to diverse user needs. Before installing ERWA, consider these features to see how they can improve your messaging experience and make it more enjoyable and efficient.

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