Fmwa 8.95 APK Download for Android

FMWhatsapp it is possible to send up to 30 images at a time. Additionally, you can over the limit of file size for documents.
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Apk.FM Fmwa 8.95 Download Latest Version – For free for Android. If you’re looking for a better alternative to WhatsApp, get rid of the restrictions!

Fmwa 8.95 APK

If you’re using an Android phone, you are likely using WhatsApp running on your phone. According to an analysis, WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion active users across 180 countries! This is about 2/7 of the globe that uses this instant messaging application!

As easy as the Fmwa 8.95 Download may seem, it has limitations. For instance, you cannot send more than 30 pictures at one time. There is also an upload size limit of 16MB. Additionally, the developers have imposed several restrictions to stop spam. For some, this is a good thing; however, for others, it’s not! This is why a lot of people are seeking alternatives. Don’t look any further! Learn about FMWhatsapp, A WhatsApp option that offers all the essential functions! Curious? Find out more in this article!

What is Fmwa 8.95 Download?

WhatsApp is a wildly popular and extensively used app throughout the world. It’s an instant messaging service that can do everything. By sending messages as well as video calls, phone calls, and online documents – it’s able to perform. For most countries in which Skype and social media websites are banned, this is an absolute lifesaver. But, as more people began using WhatsApp and other apps, governments realized that and began to block WhatsApp.

This is why everyone is always on the lookout for the next big thing. A program that has features you enjoy. It’s Meet Fmwa 8.95 Download – the first WhatsApp mode that can help you get over the restrictions and limitations that developers and the government set. This innovative application allows you to benefit from all the features that you expect from WhatsApp. However, it doesn’t stop there. This app adds many more features by providing additional security to you. Are you eager to know more? Learn more about its benefits.


When you install Fmwa 8.95 Download, you’ll be able to use all functions that you’re familiar with and pick from the available apps. It is no longer necessary to use common apps that aren’t working correctly. Did you know that, in addition to the standard capabilities, FMWhatsapp also has its features? Here you are:


This app is designed to provide security for your data. Naturally, it is possible to make use of third-party apps or preferences to lock an app. Sometimes, it’s not possible to do so. In those instances, it is possible to use this feature directly from FMWhatsapp! This amazing feature lets you protect the app by entering an encryption pattern or a PIN that you select. This way, nobody will be able to access your messages, regardless of whether you’re using your mobile.

Data Security

This Fmwa 8.95 Download is distinguished by the safeguarding of privacy. Are you fed up with receiving messages due to the blue checkmark beside them? Do you want other people to respond to you? Even while you record the video, it’s unpleasant to look at, do you think? Do not worry, because FMWhatsapp will be there for you! You can conceal the blue checkmark as well as an additional checkmark and input status as well as recording information! How secure this app is!

Media Sharing

As previously mentioned, WhatsApp is a powerful application. However, it comes with several limitations. Due to this, users are trying to find creative alternatives. FMWhatsapp is a great alternative. FMWhatsapp it is possible to send up to 30 images at a time. Additionally, you can over the limit of file size for documents. You don’t need to use third-party applications to share large media files, as FMWhatsapp allows you!


Who doesn’t love emojis? Alongside the emojis on your phone, you can look through FMWhatsapp’s huge collection of Emojis! Facebook, Emoji One V3, Android 0 emoji, stock, and more! It is no longer necessary to look for or use third-party apps to access Emoji since this application has many Emojis. Find and use emojis you’ve never before seen and amaze your friends and family!

Anonymous Messages

What if you need to call or text without saving a number? This isn’t possible using the standard WhatsApp. However, with FMWhatsapp, all is feasible! This feature can save your life when you need to send a single SMS message to someone. To send this message, simply tap on the three dots in the upper right corner and then tap “Message .” You will then need to type in the number and send your message! Simple as that!

Disable tags for forwarding

If we send messages to other users within WhatsApp, we will see the tag “Forward.” It’s not an issue unless people are concerned that the message is not reliable or suspect. With FMWhatsApp, you can remove this tag and forward any message with no delay! Send your message out to your loved ones and enjoy this feature.

Select the people you want to call call

due to a reason, you do not wish to receive calls from certain contacts. We know that you do not want to be irritated when using WhatsApp. The good news is that FMWhatsapp comes with a function that blocks calls from specific contacts in your contacts list. It is no longer necessary to manually block calls coming from undesirable individuals. This is done automatically and is not part of the previous WhatsApp app.

Anti-Delete Status

If someone writes an update in the status section and erases it right away, it is not visible to anyone else. This applies to the initial version of WhatsApp; however, you can see the post even after they’ve deleted it with this version! This gives you the power to make decisions and gives you an advantage over other users because you can see the stories others can’t.

Anti-Deleted Messages

Concerned about being unable to retrieve deleted messages from the sender? Do you feel like you are dying of interest? With FMWhatsapp, You will never need to worry about it ever again! You are now able to look through all messages, even deleted messages. The sender deleted the message. The message, as they’ve seen that message “This message has been deleted.” It’s pretty chic, isn’t it?


In the first version of WhatsApp, it was impossible to alter the theme when bored. It’s perfect. Now, you can browse through a variety of topics on FMWhatsapp. Select a theme that fits your preferences, and then enjoy FMWhatsapp. The app is completely free!


It’s time to say, “Download FMWhatsApp APK and Install it.” It’s true utilizingFMWhatsApp 9.30 FM WhatsApp app 9.30 is extremely simple. You can use it in conjunction using WhatsApp’s WhatsApp app. WhatsApp application or simply eliminate WhatsApp and use the FMWhatsApp modification as your primary WhatsApp Messenger.

If you decide to switch to WhatsApp, ensure that you’ve downloaded the application first and then restored it to your Messenger. Messenger. If you are unsure, you are unsure, leave a comment below.

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  1. Harry says:

    This is a great app for FM radio listeners. I have been using it for a while and it is very helpful.

  2. dave says:

    This is a great app for FM radio listeners. I have been using it for a while and it is very helpful.

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