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Gorilla Tag APK is a free virtual reality game developed by Axiom. It supports VR headsets like Oculus Quest and SteamVR. It has a low-stakes nature and can be played with friends.
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April 14, 2024
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Gorilla Tag APK is a free virtual reality game developed by Axiom. It supports VR headsets like Oculus Quest and SteamVR. The game is also compatible with multiple platforms, including Android and iOS. It has a low-stakes nature and can be played with friends.

Features of Gorilla Tag APK

Five different maps


Gorilla Tag is a virtual reality game where players move and interact with their environment using hand and arm movements. The game has five different maps. Players start with a rocky texture and must move forward to avoid being tagged. Players must collect shiny rocks to unlock new cosmetics as the game progresses. The game also allows players to change their gorilla color.

Gorilla Tag is a virtual reality game

Gorilla Tag is different from other virtual reality games because of its unique locomotion system, which requires players to push themselves around using their hands. This makes the game very different from other VR games, which rely on analog stick-based movement or teleportation to move the characters.


Players in Gorilla Tag also don’t have lower legs, which means they can move without touching the flooring. Another unique game feature is proximity-based voice chat, which allows the player to talk to other players.

Connect with friends

Gorilla Tag is a social game that lets players interact with each other while smacking their hands on the ground. The game started as a small game released on Oculus App Lab and Steam on February 12. The developer quickly grew a fan base and used this feedback to improve the game. The result is a game that is addictive and easy to get hooked on.

Multiplayer Game

You can play this fun multiplayer game with up to four players. The objective is to survive by out-maneuvering other gorillas and trying not to get tagged. You can use a VR headset or just your regular phone. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

It is a low-stakes game

Gorilla Tag APK is an awesome low-fi virtual jungle game where you can play with friends and have fun. This fun game has many unique features and is easy to learn, but it requires a high degree of skill to master. This game is designed for three to four players and is a great way to bond with friends.

Easy to learn

The game is fast-paced and easy to learn. It has no complicated rules and controls, so it’s easy to pick up. The best part is there’s no limit on how many players you can have at a time. Moreover, multiple players can play this game simultaneously as long as they can tag each other.

Two different game modes

The game’s primary focus is on its VR locomotion. Instead of using the typical stick or teleportation movements, players use their hands and arms to move forward. This means you can climb and jump. There are two game modes in Gorilla Tag: simple tag with up to three players and transition mode with four or more players. In either mode, players must move forward to catch the infected gorillas.

Allows you to choose players from your contact list

Gorilla Tag APK is a fun multiplayer game that requires no previous experience. Players take turns tagging one another. Once one player is eliminated, the other must wait until the next turn. The game can be played online or offline, allowing you to choose players from your contact list. There are also new features in the updated version Apk, such as the ability to tag multiple people at one time.

It is easy to play

The game is free on Steam and Side Quest, and you don’t need to buy a Steam VR headset. It also supports the Oculus Quest VR headset. You can play this game in single or cooperative mode with up to three other players. You can also chat with other players in a day or transition mode.


Gorilla Tag APK is a simple multiplayer game where players take turns tagging each other. Once a player is tagged, they must wait for the next turn. This game is also very customizable; you can play it offline if you wish. You can even choose other players from your contact list. The new version of Gorilla Tag APK has many features and an improved user interface. It also allows multiple-player tagging.

Final words

The game features three game modes and five different maps. The first map starts with a rocky texture and the second map changes to lava when four or more players are tagged. As the players move forward, they see a variety of particle effects, including the ones that appear on the tagged player’s body. This free game is great for solo play as well. You can even customize it with mods to make it even more fun.

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