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"LOST In Blue" is an adventure-based role-playing game in which you must fight for your survival by Volcano Force, the publishers. Volcano Force.
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May 29, 2024
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Have you ever felt the sensation of being utterly alone on an island that is deserted? If not, you should take on this LOST in Blue Mod APK game!

What is Lost in Blue Mod APK 2024?

Find yourself on a deserted island amid odd enemies!

“LOST In Blue” is an adventure-based role-playing game in which you must fight for your survival by Volcano Force, the publishers. Volcano Force. It captivates my brain and my emotions greatly. Listen to it, and you’ll be able to understand the reason!

Gameplay of Lost in Blue Mod APK

Does LOST in blue resemble the show created by the well-known American TV show, Lost? It’s possible, but it’s not guaranteed to be. Because clearly, the game is much more exciting and contains more new information than the entire film.

A devastating plane crashes place. The player is the (apparently) sole person to be able to escape. We can select whether the character is male or female. I decided to go with a male due to his strengths.

Lost in Blue Mod APK

After waking up from a crash that has made your head spin, you realize the dire circumstance, and you realize that you must immediately regain your confidence to start fighting for your life. You begin looking for water, locating medicines to treat wounds and bandaging any injuries that occur on your body. There are coconuts everywhere which may help you with thirst and hunger for a short time. Continue walking, and then you spot one girl who is also the victim of that same plane. Yet, it seems that she is attacking another person. It is apparent that she could be one of the zombies. There’s no time to think about it. You can grab the paddle in your vicinity and start attacking zombies before you’re in danger.

But she’s far from being the sole one. There are a lot of zombies that are running at high speed. You were a bit confused and missed one behind. As you thought that you had lost it, your screen changed to aiming mode, and then a loud bang went off. It turned out that another person Jane was living on the island. Jane was also on the island, however, sometime in the past, together with her daughter.


They survived the day and constructed shelters and an electric fence around their home to defend against zombies and other strange creatures on the deserted island. However, the aeroplane crash (of which you’re one of the victims) devastated everything within the instant. The most urgent thing to address at this moment is to fix the fence with electricity because with it out, the zombies are bound to pour into the area, and by the time of night, there will be 1001 objects around them, ready to kill them anytime.

After understanding the situation, the three of you, Jane, and Clair, her daughter Jane will make it through the island in the deserted state. Then, the real fight to survive and the adventure begins.

Features of Lost in Blue Mod APK

Protect those you love

During the gameplay, your mission (and those of the characters from NPC) is to find materials, make weapons, and tools, construct shelters, keep food in storage, and construct protective walls (fences) to defeat the enemies on this island. The zombies are (called mutants) who have evolved into creatures, extreme weather, and other mutants lurking in the vicinity.

The journey will take you to various thrilling survival scenes like burning volcanoes, glaciers that are cold and white and lush green forests brimming with danger. Even human-made vessels from the 1980s were used as expedition ships and secret labs and ancient underground ruins and dangerous abandoned temples. So make sure you do all you can to safeguard yourself, to protect the two beloved ones that have recently entered your world of yours… as well, and most of all, return home.

The tasks of LOST in Blue are indeed extremely difficult

To provide the main character with a path of living and to aid in protecting the “new family”, the game is quite human as it has provided some valuable tools to help you survive.

First, you should collect weapons, and necessities and keep these items inside your backpack. It’s easy to collect; walk around the circles marked with green and press the thing to grab it. It sounds simple. But in a scenario where you’re in the presence of weapons, but zombies are about to leap out, the sensation of panic is not enjoyable at all.

After that, you can build and enhance your characters in the areas of weapons and abilities. The arsenal you build after collecting could contain a wide range of things, from basic items like the Axe Wooden Staff, Sickle, Armor to more advanced weapons such as guns. In addition to the things you’ve collected, you will learn how to create yourself weapons. Each item can help you in various circumstances of combat or construction.

You’ll experience everything an ordinary person must accomplish to live. Apart from fighting in the field, building shelters, and collecting weapons, we must do lots of other things to live a normal life. These could include re-building the vegetable garden, searching for seeds and planting them or hunting, gathering or fishing… Even more difficult things to protect like electric fences, arrow towers…

Audio and graphics

The 3D visuals in LOST in Blue are stunning. Each character has its form and a rhythmic motion. The battles are quick stunning, thrilling, and real. When you play a mobile game, the action unfolding in front of your eyes is amazing because it’s gorgeous in every detail.

In terms of beauty, it’s the deserted island scene in which everything happens. There are numerous nooks and crevices to explore, including in the forest, on the mountains, down to the ocean, and beneath the ground. The scenery of each location is vibrant, well-detailed and filled and real-life 3D effects.

The sound is an intriguing aspect. The background music sounds soft and often makes me imagine I’m in the sky before storms. With that light background, each character’s actions are evident such as the sound of taking items in or fighting against opponents, building, making weapons, or even walking through a peaceful space. It’s all authentic.

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