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Lumber Inc Mod Apk is an android game in which you manage a lumber business. You must hire employees, upgrade your lumberyard, manage your sales, and handle new orders.
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April 19, 2024
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The Lumber Inc game is a simple but challenging one. You have to cut down trees and make products for the people to use. In addition, you need to purchase heavy machinery and vehicles. Having the proper staff to manage your business is also essential. You will need to hire workers and skilled laborers.

Lumber Inc Mod Apk is an android game in which you manage a lumber business. You must hire employees, upgrade your lumberyard, manage your sales, and handle new orders. The game also requires you to make good use of BizPoints. It will give you an idea of how much money you can earn by playing the game.

Lumber Inc Mod APK guides you through the gameplay, with three main areas to manage. In each area, you must hire workers and transport logs from one place to another. You can also train planters and upgrade your machines. Once you’ve finished this task, you can begin marketing your products and building buildings and towers.

Lumber Inc APK has 2 primary income streams. The first is to sell raw wood to dealers, and the other is to produce products for sale. You can export your products.

Lumber Inc APK Game Review 2024

Lumber Inc is a business simulation game where you are tasked with developing a logging empire. You must harvest logs, plant trees, and train workers. You must also build milling chains and upgrade machinery and vehicles. Your business will improve as you progress through the game.

Idle Forest Lumber Inc: Timber Factory Tycoon

In Idle Forest Lumber Inc: Timber factory tycoon APK, players take control of a lumber yard in a virtual world. Players use tools to process and transport timber. They can also upgrade their equipment and machines. The money they earn from production activities can then be used to purchase new elements for their lumberyard.

You can hire more qualified employees and invest in modern equipment as you progress. As you build your production facilities and expand your sales area, you’ll also need to spend money on advertising. You’ll also have to control prices and the quality of your products. A skilled leader can even become a real tycoon.

Idle Forest Lumber Inc: Timber Factory Tycoon is a free simulation game for Android devices. If you’re looking for a great game to play on your Android device, this one is worth trying. It offers a lot of excitement and allows players to make their own decisions.

Logging company simulation game

Lumber Inc APK is a fun, incremental simulation game that lets you run your very own logging company. This game involves planting trees, caring for them, and building and upgrading machinery to create and sell logs. You can start as a small sawmill with a few employees and eventually expand it to a multimillion-dollar business.

Hire Workers to Manage Your Company 

You’ll have to hire workers to manage your lumber company and transport the logs to a workshop to earn money. Once you’ve acquired the timber, your workers will begin cutting and preparing the wood for making wooden products. The production process involves several stages, from rough production to finished products. You’ll need to use saws and chisel wooden trunks during rough production. Each stage you complete will make you money.

In Lumber Inc APK, players build and manage a logging company from the ground up. The game is relatively simple to start, but the difficulty increases quickly. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new activities and unlock resources, and factories. Lumber Inc APK has several mods and options, so it’s an excellent game for those looking for a realistic logging company simulation experience.

Plant Tree, Hire New Employees

Lumber Inc APK features a variety of ways to earn money. In Lumber Inc, you’ll plant trees, hire and train new employees, and upgrade machinery. As your company grows, you can hire and train more people and upgrade your vehicles. In Lumber Inc, you can grow your business and become the King of the Jungle.

Building your lumber empire

Building your lumber empire is more than just collecting trees. You’ll need skilled workers and planters to manage your forest. You’ll also need to hire lumberjacks and train them. And as your lumber empire grows, you’ll need to invest in new equipment.

Idle Lumber Inc is an economic simulation game that allows you to build your lumber empire. Start with a small sawmill and work your way up by hiring more employees and expanding your business. As you expand, you’ll need to expand your production lines, train lumberjacks, upgrade your machines, and start marketing campaigns.


The game also has a mod for Android phones that lets you buy new machinery and increase your salaries. It’s more complex than it sounds, and it’s wildly popular. However, before you download the mod, be sure to uninstall the original version of the game.


If you’re a fan of idle games, you’ll find that the idle forest lumber Inc mod Apk is worth a try. This game lets you manage your forest, train workers, and build milling chains. You’ll have to work out how to maximize your profits and keep your workers safe, but it is well worth the time and effort!

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