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Your job is to help her escape from prison by finding unique ways. You should be careful, though. One wrong move could result in you being caught. You will be on the edge of your seats with horror-themed gameplay!
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Keplerians Horror Games
Oct 20, 2023
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Mr Meat 2 Mod Apk is a great horror escape room game. This is the sequel to the first game. You now play as Rebecca to escape!

Mr Meat 2 MOD APK

About Mr Meat 2 APK

Mr Meat 2 APK follows the original Mr Meat game. This escape game is where you have to rescue Rebecca from her prison cell.

Keplerians Horror Game has made many improvements to the sequel. You can now use a functional hint to find clues to how to escape. Graphics have been greatly improved.

Mr Meat 2 APK Android is a great alternative to the original game. Is it possible to complete the task? Are you able to escape the trap without being noticed? Get the game now to find out!

Mr Meat 2 APK Storyline

After the first installment of his crimes, Mr Meat was taken into custody and placed in prison. He has been in prison for many years, waiting to be executed. Everyone has gathered to witness his sad end.

Rebecca, his daughter, is one of the witnesses. Things turn sour when the execution goes against all odds. He manages to escape and is now in charge of the prison.

Rebecca must maneuver to escape her father’s violence and malice. She’s in a nightmare that she didn’t imagine!

Mr Meat 2 MOD APK

Your job is to help her escape from prison by finding unique ways. You should be careful, though. One wrong move could result in you being caught. You will be on the edge of your seats with horror-themed gameplay!

Amazing Progression System

This game continues from the end of the previous one. To fully understand the story, we recommend you play the original game.

Even if you don’t have the original game, you’ll still be able to understand what’s happening. The story centers on Mr Meat, who is held in prison.

Rebecca, his daughter, is present to witness his execution. But things quickly change, and Rebecca finds herself searching for an escape route out of prison.

By solving puzzles and staying away from traps, you can help her escape. The prison is guarded with security cameras, guards, dangerous pigs, and guards to make it more difficult.

They will be watching out for you. You will be arrested and taken to a cell. There are many hiding places in prison.

To progress in the game, you will need to solve many puzzles. These puzzles can be very difficult, but you have the option to use the hint system to help you.

Features of Mr. Meat 2 APK

After the success in the first game, Mr. Meat returns to get us all into the meat. This section will tell you what you can expect from this game.

The new protagonist and antagonist

You’ll recognize Rebecca as Mr. Meats’ daughter after you’ve played the original game. You’ll now play as her. There’s Susan, Michelle, and Anthony. You’ll all need to save pigs from the jail that once belonged to people.

Interactive Puzzles

This game is a horror escape where solving puzzles is the only way out. Interactive puzzles are a big part of this game, such as finding clues, opening doors, and obtaining keys. If you come across enemies, you can use any weapon you have. You can use stun guns, pistols, and many other weapons.

Different endings

Mr. Meat 2 allows you to choose from different endings depending upon how you solve the puzzles. You can either end the game positively or negatively. Either you get killed or save the game and allow everyone to escape.

Narrative cinematics

Fans can enjoy some dialogues and cinematics in the game. The characters are introduced at the beginning, and there are some dialogues. You will also find dialogues when the players solve puzzles or at the end.

3D graphics and controls

The movement pad allows players to move around freely in the game. Players can interact with objects such as doors, storage boxes, and keys. You can also pick up items, such as weapons and keys.

Mission system

If you are stuck, the hint will give you all the steps you need by watching a video advertisement. You will be given all the steps to follow by the hint. The mission system will also guide you.

Two Tips for Getting Out of Mr. Meat 2

You might find yourself stuck on some levels because this is a horror puzzle. We have some tips to help you, but you can also try other things.

First, grab the powdered cement from the outside and place it on the lock. The code for the door is not written anywhere. To see which code is used, you will need cement powder. We found the code to be 085.

A second tip is to only use the video hint if you are stuck. You can use only a few hints, so make sure to use them all!


Mr Meat 2 is a great sequel to the original. The game features better graphics, more difficult puzzles, and a helpful hint system. It also features multiple endings, which make it more replayable.

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