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Experience the thrill of managing your own hotel with My Perfect Hotel MOD APK. Customize your hotel, satisfying guests, and maximize revenue in this immersive simulation game.
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Mar 6, 2024
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My Perfect Hotel MOD APK is a mobile game that offers players the opportunity to run their own hotel. The game allows players to take on the role of a hotel manager, where they can manage their hotel, cater to guests, and make strategic decisions that will lead to the growth of their business. The game offers a realistic hotel management experience, where players can build, decorate, and customize their hotel rooms, lobby, and other amenities.

Features of My Perfect Hotel APK

My Perfect Hotel MOD APK

Here are the amazing features of the game:

Build and customize

One of the main features of My Perfect Hotel APK is the ability to build and customize your hotel. Players can choose the location of their hotel and design it as they wish. They can build rooms, amenities, and other facilities that will attract guests and increase revenue.

Manage hotel staff

As the hotel manager, players can hire staff to help run their hotel. They can manage the housekeeping, front desk, restaurant, and other departments to ensure smooth operations.

Cater to guests

The game offers a wide range of guests, each with its own needs and preferences. Players must cater to their guests’ requests and ensure they have a pleasant stay. Satisfied guests will leave positive reviews, which will attract more guests to the hotel.

Strategic decision-making

My Perfect Hotel MOD APK requires players to make strategic decisions that will lead to the growth of their hotel. Players must set prices for rooms and amenities, manage the hotel’s finances, and invest in marketing campaigns to attract more guests.

Time management

The game requires players to manage their time effectively to ensure smooth hotel operations and satisfy guest demands. Players must prioritize tasks, such as housekeeping, room service, and maintenance, to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

My Perfect Hotel MOD APK

This feature adds a sense of urgency to the game, as players must make quick decisions to avoid delays and negative feedback from guests.

Staff management

Players can hire and manage staff members to help run their hotel and provide better service to guests. This feature allows players to delegate tasks to their staff and focus on higher-level decision-making.

Players must manage their staff effectively to ensure that they are providing the best possible service to guests and contributing to the overall success of the hotel.

Realistic graphics

My Perfect Hotel offers realistic 3D graphics that bring the hotel management experience to life. The graphics are designed to be immersive and detailed, allowing players to see their hotel in great detail. The design of the hotel, including the rooms, lobby, and amenities, is customizable, giving players the opportunity to create a unique and attractive hotel.

Guest feedback

This game has a guest feedback system where players can view reviews and ratings from their guests. This feature allows players to see how well they are doing in satisfying their guests’ needs and adjust their strategies accordingly. Positive reviews can attract more guests to the hotel, while negative reviews can lead to a decline in revenue.

Playing Tips for Beginners

Focus on guest satisfaction:

The key to success in My Perfect Hotel is to ensure guest satisfaction. Players should pay attention to their guests’ needs and try to exceed their expectations. This will lead to positive reviews and repeat customers.

Invest in amenities:

Players should invest in amenities that will attract more guests and increase revenue. For example, adding a swimming pool or spa can be a great way to attract more guests and charge higher prices for rooms.

Manage finances:

Players should keep a close eye on the hotel’s finances. They should set prices for rooms and amenities that will maximize revenue and keep expenses under control.


My Perfect Hotel MOD APK is an exciting and realistic hotel management game that offers players the opportunity to run their own hotel. With its wide range of features and realistic gameplay, the game offers a unique experience that will appeal to players of all ages. The game’s focus on guest satisfaction, strategic decision-making, and financial management makes it a challenging and rewarding experience.

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