My Talking Tom MOD APK v (Unlimited Money/Coins)
My Talking Tom is the  best and perfect game for children and pet lovers. It allows players to play with their pets and even name it. It's not difficult. You feed your cat play with it, play with it and care for it to make it an entertaining and tall cat. Your cat will mature and be intelligent in the coming years.
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My Talking Tom is a legendary virtual cat breeding game that is played on a mobile phone platform. The game’s players breed their kittens, and the kitten is named Tom. The players’ job is to look after Tom, from feeding to play to growing into an adult and smart cat. Unfortunately, the moment the game is launched, My Talking Tom MOD APK triggers an epidemic, and people feed Tom and even a bathroom for Tom.

My Talking Tom MOD APK

Following its debut, My Talking Tom quickly gained the attention of gamers. In the span of a few days, My Talking Tom has been able to get more than 13 million pre-registrations.

In the game My Talking Tom, players take care of Tom and the other cats as they live in an inexperienced home. Each cat has their routine during the day, which means there are many things to keep players entertained. In addition, the players can transform the virtual home into their own, altering the look of cats inside the home.

What is My Talking Tom MOD APK?

My Talking Tom is the  best and perfect game for children and pet lovers. It allows players to play with their pets and even name it. It’s not difficult. You feed your cat play with it, play with it and care for it to make it an entertaining and tall cat. Your cat will mature and be intelligent in the coming years.

My Talking Tom MOD APK

Additionally, you should allow your cat to wear stunning costumes and accessories you can purchase using coins from the shop. Also, your home has to be extravagantly decorated with a bathroom, kitchen, and playground and furniture and accessories for your bedroom to ensure that your cat will be happy in the comfortable home you have created. This game’s cat has been created very cute and humorous with vibrant, fun colours that all can enjoy in regards to graphics.


At first, before you begin playing, you’ll learn how to play the game very easily and quickly. In the beginning, when you play My Talking Tom, you must feed the cat to make sure it doesn’t become hungry. If your cat has a hunger issue, then the symbol with floss and a spoon will be red, indicating that your cat’s hungry. Click the icon to take your cat’s food to the table and tap any plate you would like to feed. When the icon displays 100 per cent, your cat is full.

Following a meal, the icon of the toilet is red, which means your cat is ready to go to the bathroom. Just like the icon that feeds cats, when you click on it, the cat will use the toilet and, once it’s finished, the icon will show 100 per cent. If your cat is unhappy, the smiley image on the screen will change to red. Your cat is playing with you. When the icon turns green, it indicates that it doesn’t wish to play anymore. This cat has human-like requirements and is a joy for you to have fun with.

Once you’ve met all of the hygiene, eating and play requirements, the cat will go asleep. The page and star icons will turn red. Click the icon to put it to sleep. However, besides you must switch off the lights to allow it to rest so that it doesn’t glare. When the icon turns green, you can continue playing with your adorable cat. If all symbols change to green, you’ve completed level 1 and will need to keep playing to increase your level.

In addition to the previous icons, there’s also an actual supermarket basket. This icon will be used to buy food for your cat like fast food, drinks fruit, and this icon will also show your current amount to follow. The circle icon with the numbers within is the current level. If you play the blue on the outside circle, filled with the circle, you’ll be upgraded to a higher level.

Features of My Talking Tom MOD APK 

They will care for their cat through games played with their cat, giving the cat treats and the food it enjoys, feeding him at the right time, and taking him to sleep. You will experience a range of cat’s emotions on My Talking Tom. It may be happy and content or hungry as real-life emotions. The cat’s mood will be based on how you interact with it.

You’ll be able to unleash your creative side by creating unique design ideas for the cat and not competing with other players. You can pick the look that best suits your cat’s style you prefer as well as more than 1,000 combinations of accessories furniture, and utensils in the cat’s home. Additionally, you’ll receive numerous rewards throughout the game. You can help your cat develop and move through 9 distinct levels that have 50 levels to earn new stuff and rewards that correspond to your level of play.

Necessary Buttons in My Talking Tom MOD APK 2024

A circular icon that includes spoon and fork

The first step is to begin playing; simply follow the instructions for playing to get through Level 1 fast. When you begin using My Talking Tom, you have to feed hungry Tom to satisfy the hunger. If the cat is hungry and hungry, its belly will display the red circle on it and spoon icons to indicate how hungry the cat is. Full.

My Talking Tom MOD APK

Click this icon to access the dining table. Once there, you will see the dining table with a range of food items in the interface. You then touch the plate with the food you wish for feeding Tom. The cat is fully stuffed if you can notice the circular image containing the fork and leopard spoon.

The circle icon is toilets

After eating the food, this icon can turn red, indicating that the cat Tom may be trying to get to the bathroom. Tap the circle to let Tom proceed to the bathroom. Once it has gone to the bathroom, the symbol will change green.

Smile icon

If this smile icon has more than half red, the adorable cat Tom is eager to be with you. It’s got everything human requirements. If you touch the smiley icon and then stroke it and it will smile. It’s like stroking the icon and then playing in that way. When the icon turns green, the cat is tired and doesn’t want to play anymore.

A circle icon of the moon and star

When the cat is satisfied with all its needs for eating, hygiene and play, it will display the circle icon with the moon, and the star inside will show red. Click this icon to allow the cat to sleep. Like us, it’ll need that you turn off the lights to prevent it from blinding. When the icon turns green, you can play around with it once it’s no longer asleep. When all images, as previously mentioned, are green, then you’ve finished the first level.

Navigation Buttons My Talking Tom Mod APK

A circle icon contains the number within

The number within the circle represents the level at which you’re playing. If the ring’s blue colour is filled with circles, you’ll get promoted to an additional level. Feed Tom Sleep well and then buy things to get the fastest level. Upon reaching the second level, you’ll participate in more mini-games included in My Talking Tom.

In addition, it will provide you with a gold value that is proportional to the level you are at. The amount of gold will increase gradually as your level grows higher. The higher the standard of the game, it’ll grant you the ability that will allow you to unlock costumes as well as decorations for the cat and Tom’s house.

Pink cat icons

If you click on this icon, it will show you new games part of the same category for free from that same publishing house My Talking Tom. In addition, you can select additional game titles from this company to enjoy.

A symbol of two cats

When you click on the icon that appears, you can go to the homes of those who play My Talking Tom. Likewise, you can go to a friend’s home through your Facebook account. This way, your friend will also be able to come to your house.

In addition, you can go to the home of the players who are playing this game. However, you will not be acquainted with them. Going to any house will give you a present by choosing the random visits of players frequently. It’s also one of the ways to earn money from gold is quite simple. When you visit another’s home, there is an open gift box in front of the cat. Just touch the box to open it and get gold coins.

Film icon

If you click on this icon, you’ll be able to view videos associated with My Talking Tom on social platforms that post YouTube videos. Here, you can find humorous videos featuring My Talking Tom.

Speaker icon

The icon’s effect is of shutting off this cat Tom. So, if you are uncomfortable with the cat’s sound, press this icon to silence it.

How to Download My Talking Tom MOD APK  For Android?

  1. Click the download button given at the top of article
  2. The downloading procedure takes time
  3. Do not forget to allow the app from unknown sources in the privacy settings of your device.
  4. Click the install button
  5. Congrats you’ve installed on the apk

Final Words

We can claim My Talking Tom MOD APK to be the most played virtual pet game of the moment. When you play My Talking Tom, you will be able to take care of a cat way of life, be fed, rested, and meet your requirements. You’ll be very involved in the care of this adorable cat. It’s an enjoyable game for people of any age.

Download My Talking Tom MOD APK v8.1.0.4659 (Unlimited Money/Coins) 


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