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Obimy Apk is an online third-party Android social network. The registered users can enjoy new premium features at no cost.
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January 18, 2024
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Obimy Apk can be described as a fresh method of connecting with friends, other people, or your family. It’s a free application to connect with your loved one with hugs, kisses, applause, hugs, and many other actions. Keep track of and share your partner’s pace of heart, mood, and a variety of actions.

Obimy APK

The application provides users with access to various exciting new features and activities that are not available on other social platforms online. There are a lot of social applications on the web that have various capabilities, but this version is unique from other social apps.

The developer plans to add several new features to this program, which we’ll review below. These features will allow people to express the feelings and actions they can’t communicate in words and be shared with their loved ones.

What is Obimy Apk?

Obimy Apk is an online third-party Android social network. The registered users can enjoy new premium features at no cost. All they have to do is download the latest version of the application by clicking here.

In the past, people focused on using mobile networks for communication. However, audio was suitable for audio chat purposes. However, running an audio-only chat can cost hundreds of dollars. It is a cost that is often regarded as high.

But mobile networks claim to provide a variety of chat packages. However, the process is expensive. Since the internet is now connected, individuals can now communicate online via apps.

It is completely totally free and doesn’t require any subscriptions. However, many users feel stymied and confined within the app when sharing their real-time emotions. This is why developers are back on the scene with Obimy App.

Obimy Apk Features

Exciting Applications

There are numerous exciting applications that you can download and utilize. We live in a society where nearly everyone owns smartphones and uses them often. Apps can be used to entertain and gaming, social media, education, and much more.

Obimy is an app that you can download today if you desire to use it. It’s a tool for free that lets you connect on the internet with people who are important to your life.

Although we are able to make use of the app to connect with any person, Obimy is unique. It is a small way to communicate with the most important people in our lives.

We can hug, kiss, or even touch someone to express our appreciation and love for them. This is a wonderful download application for families, couples, friends, and others. No matter where you are, or at any moment, it is now possible to communicate your mood to everyone.

Anyone can add

Obimy lets you join almost any person in the application. Once you’ve made a special addition, it’s possible to begin by doing simple things like hugging, kissing, and cuddling. Anyone who has downloaded the app on their phone can download it into the app.

This means that you can accommodate your children, spouse, friends, and everyone else. If you’re feeling unhappy or lonely, you should consider this program for yourself. This program is ideal for those who are having a difficult time.

Interaction Sharing

This app lets you share various encounters. A part of kissing, hugging, and touching. You can select from a wide range of warm, fun, and energetic actions.

This program will try to notify anyone who could be affected by your decisions. The day is a good time to communicate with one another to inform them of what you think. This is an excellent option to help you feel angry or isolated.

Talk to other people

This program lets you communicate multiple events. Examples include kissing, hugging, and touching. Pick from a range of options, including kissing, hugging, or touching. The person you are with is cheerful, happy emotional.

Through this app, the person receiving the message will be informed that you have performed as fast as possible. Through this application, you can always share your thoughts.

There are many other fascinating features.

You can also make use of this app to keep track of your heart rate and how many steps you’ve completed. It is possible to do this without asking someone else. The program should be available on your phone with other important programs.

This program will keep you happier and make you less likely to feel like you’re missing someone. Send gorgeous gifts to everyone you meet today!


Or you have an old or the latest Android smartphone. Are you looking for the top online platform for communicating and sharing your human emotions with family and friends? Install Obimy Apk and get unlimited premium options at no cost.

Download Obimy MOD APK v4.11.1 (Premium Unlocked)


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