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Explore Pepi Wonder World, discover magic island and become a fantasy story maker with your favorite magic characters: princesses, dragons, pirates, knights, witches and dozens other.
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Pepi Wonder World MOD APK is a fun and interactive game that allows you to explore a magical island filled with fantasy characters and locations. From princesses and dragons to pirates and witches, the game offers endless opportunities for creativity and imagination. Here is a detailed guide to this exciting game.

Pepi Wonder World MOD APK

Discover the Magic of Pepi Wonder World

Pepi Wonder World is a collection of interactive fantasy island worlds that inspire creativity and imagination. With 200+ characters, including animals and magical creatures, the game offers a vast array of options for creating your own unique fantasy world. Each island has its own set of activities and games that you can explore and enjoy.

The Fantasy Worlds of Pepi Wonder World

Pepi Wonder World offers seven unique islands to explore, each with its own set of characters and activities:

  1. King’s Castle: This island takes you back to medieval times, where you can explore a royal palace with dungeons, stables, kitchens, and even a throne room. Dress up your princesses and knights, cook royal dishes, and feast like a king or queen.
  2. Dwarf Mountain: Inspired by famous fantasy tales, this island hosts Dragon’s Treasure Cave, Princess Tower, Magic Garden, and Gnomish mines. Explore deep tunnels, grow magic plants, craft gems, discover treasures, and enjoy underground life.
  3. Witch House: Discover a spooky Island where Halloween happens every day. Dress up cute witches, hold a music show, mix and brew potions to create spooky monsters, and create your own magical story.
  4. Dragon Playground: Take a trip to a fantasy skyland above the clouds, where you can explore dragon land, create your own kid-friendly dragons, charge their superpowers, play dragon ball, and build cute draconic houses.
  5. Sky Sailor Village: Enjoy a peaceful village life simulator, take care of animals, or become a story maker – unleash creativity and make your own fantasy skyships, explore the clouds, and fend off nasty pirates.
  6. Bunny Garden: Explore a lovely island of vibrant life, take care of animals, grow your own fruits, and flowers, and discover a way to turn them into paint. Use this paint to color items, eggs, and the Island itself! And don’t forget to say hi to the Bunny family.
  7. Santa’s Workshop: Christmas might come once a year, but in the fantasy world, Santa’s village island gift-wrapping stories never end.

Pepi Wonder World

Creative Play and Inspiration

Pepi Wonder World is an ideal game for developing social, emotional, and thinking skills through pretend play. It is a great way to expand vocabulary and boost imagination, and it is even better when playing together with your child. Pepi Wonder World supports multitouch features, making it easy to join your child in play.

Key Features

Pepi Wonder World offers several exciting features, including:

  1. Over 200 characters, from lovely princesses to fairies, gnomes to witches, bunnies to dragons.
  2. A Sticker Book to collect all your favorite characters, plants, fashion items, and weapons.
  3. Customizable worlds with cute characters, dragons, ships, and houses.
  4. Lots of animations and sounds – use musical instruments, craft magic items, cook royal food, and enjoy your fairy tale life simulator.
  5. Hidden keys, spell books, and gems to discover in secret rooms.
  6. Sail a boat to carry characters, animals, and items between the fantasy worlds.
  7. Multitouch functionality for family playtime.
  8. Create your own stories and record them as a story maker.


Pepi Wonder World is a delightful game that encourages creativity and imagination in children. With its beautiful graphics and interactive gameplay, it offers a variety of different worlds to explore and characters to play with. The game allows kids to create their own stories and engage in pretend play, which helps them to develop social, emotional, and thinking skills. Pepi Wonder World is not just a game, it’s a way to spark the imagination and create magical memories that will last a lifetime. So, download the game today and join in on the fun!

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