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Lumii MOD APK, a robust photo editor pro, has emerged as a standout choice among a plethora of similar applications.
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Mar 24, 2024
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In the ever-evolving world of mobile photography, having a reliable and feature-packed photo editing app is essential for users looking to enhance their images and share them on social media platforms. Lumii MOD APK, a robust photo editor pro, has emerged as a standout choice among a plethora of similar applications. Packed with over 100 amazing preset photo filters and effects, Lumii caters to both novices and seasoned photographers with its versatile set of professional editing tools and stylish features.


Here are the exciting features that this photo editing app will offer;

Basic Photo Editing Tools for Precision Control

Lumii provides users with a comprehensive set of basic photo editing tools, allowing them to adjust various properties such as brightness, contrast, highlights, warmth, shadows, sharpness, and exposure. The selective options for image enhancement make it an ideal choice for users seeking precise control over their edits. The app’s user-friendly interface ensures that even beginners can navigate and utilize these tools effectively.

The crop feature, designed to adapt photos to social media ratios, is particularly useful for Instagram enthusiasts. Lumii stands out as the ultimate darkroom photo editor with ultra-fast rotation and crop tools, making it a favorite among those who value efficiency in their editing workflow.

Customizable Photo Filters for a Personal Touch

Lumii offers a variety of exquisitely designed filters for pictures, including Film, LOMO, Retro, and more. The app not only provides the best filters for pictures but also allows users to create their own custom exclusive photo filters and effects. This feature enables users to make their photos stand out, showcasing their unique style and artistic expression.

Artistic Photo Effects for Stunning Visuals

The app boasts a collection of exquisitely designed effects for pictures, elevating the visual appeal of photos. From Glitch and VHS to Light Leak and Double Exposure, Lumii provides a wide range of customizable and exclusive photo effects. Users can effortlessly enhance their photos and create stunning visual stories with these powerful effects.

AI Cutout & Background Remover for Seamless Edits

Lumii incorporates an AI Cutout & BG Remover, making background removal and editing a breeze. The handy background eraser simplifies the process of creating ID photos with AI photo cutouts. Users can repair or erase the cutout photo with the background eraser and brush, offering precision in editing. Additionally, the app allows users to remove the background and replace it with preset images for added creativity.

Pro HSL Color and Curves Color Adjust for Fine-Tuned Editing

For users who crave advanced control over color adjustments, Lumii features Pro HSL Color tools. This allows for easy control of Hue, Saturation, and Luminance (HSL) across eight color channels. The intuitive darkroom effect and free HSL adjustment make Lumii a top choice for users looking to achieve professional-level color adjustments in their photos.

The Curves Color Adjust feature in Lumii further enhances its darkroom effect capabilities. With powerful curve tools and advanced adjustments in four color options, users can achieve pro-level edits effortlessly. This free picture editor is perfect for those who appreciate detailed control over curves and colors in their photos.

Double Exposure Blend Editor for Artistic Compositions

Lumii’s Double Exposure Blend Editor is a professional tool for creating trendy double-exposure effects. With a variety of blend photo editor templates to choose from, users can easily achieve powerful and artistic compositions. This feature adds a touch of sophistication to photos, making Lumii an ideal Instagram photo editor app for users who want to stand out.

Glitch Photo Editor for Unique and Playful Edits

Adding a playful touch to Lumii is the Glitch Photo Editor. This feature introduces amazing glitch photo effects, including VHS and vaporwave aesthetics. Users can adjust the photo effects values to fit different scenes, creating unique and visually striking glitch edits. The app’s status as the fastest glitch photo editor further enhances its appeal to users seeking quick and dynamic edits.

Text Addition for Personalized Captions

Lumii doesn’t just focus on visual enhancements; it also provides users with the ability to add text to photos. With various fonts and preset text effects, users can personalize their images with captions, quotes, or messages, adding an extra layer of creativity to their edits.

Photo Editing History & Draft for Seamless Workflows

For users who value organization and collaboration, Lumii supports photo editing history for free. The app also features multi-draft workspaces, making it an efficient pic editor and filter app. Users can easily revisit their editing process, undo changes, or experiment with different drafts, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free editing experience.

Trendy Templates for Instant Style Upgrade

Lumii offers a collection of stylish templates, ranging from Retro film and aesthetic themes to urban and journal styles. These exclusive artistic photo templates provide users with a quick and easy way to enhance their photo work for sharing on Instagram and other platforms.


With its powerful and distinctive features, Lumii has established itself as a go-to photo maker for users of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking for user-friendly pic editing apps or a professional seeking advanced tools, Lumii delivers a comprehensive photo editing experience. From customizable filters and effects to AI-powered cutouts and advanced color adjustments, Lumii offers a versatile set of tools that cater to a wide range of aesthetic preferences. Discover endless fun and creativity with Lumii as it helps you become an expert in photo editing, making your photos stand out in the digital landscape.

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