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Remixlive allows you to create an entire show using the live Set feature. Mix and match samples from multiple projects without needing to stop the beat, and mix like DJs all night!
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March 6, 2024
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Music is the sound of pleasing and thrilling sounds that are enjoyable to listen to. Music also brings a myriad of emotions to us. If you’re an individual who appreciates the variety of sound effects and would like to do that, Remixlive will be a suitable choice you should not miss out on. Remixlive Mod Apk is an easy musical composition tool that is intuitive and easy to use. Its full title is Remixlive – Make Music & Beats. With the app, you can create snaffles of amazing music. This is fascinating. We should install Remixlive and try it out today.

Remixlive Mod Apk

Join today and enjoy all the features

Remixlive is among the applications developed and offered by Mixvibes. Mixvibes was established around 1999 with Eric Guez in Paris, France. Mixvibes is a Pioneer of DJ Software that has existed since the beginning of DJing. It is also the developer of the most robust DJ software, Cross DJ. Remixlive is available through the Play Store as well as the App Store. You can download the application on devices that run Android as well as iOS Operating Systems. Remixlive also is used on PCs such as Mac and tablets such as iPad. It is also accessible for download. In addition, you’ll need access to the Internet while using the application.

Remixlive is a completely free application. However, it also provides yearly and Monthly subscription plans. These plans permit unlimited access to features that free accounts aren’t able to access. For instance, you can unlock all features like recordings, sequencers, and samples transfer… and gain access to all FXs accessible, as well as access to all audio packs. Additionally, if you sign up for Premium subscriptions, you’ll get a free 7-day trial. This will enable you to discover the benefits you will enjoy. You can also cancel whenever you decide not to utilize it. It’s very simple. Particularly, all the apps’ packs are royalty-free. This means you can post your recordings on social networks.

Sound effects are supported

Remixlive contains sequences and loops automatically synchronized to the tempo using an 8×6 grid. With more than 180 sound packs, including 48 loops, 48 sounds, 48 sequences, and a pre-made track. The application offers a variety of music genres. Furthermore, there are new sounds added every week. Take a look at our ten free packs now. Remixlive includes twice the amount of loops and samples, support for MIDI controllers, and an all-new Chromebook application.

Remixlive allows you to create an entire show using the live Set feature. Mix and match samples from multiple projects without needing to stop the beat, and mix like DJs all night! The Remixlive feature is a new way to create the concept of creative live performances. With the musical elements being able to be used independently of one another, Live Set mixing is unlimited. To turn on Live Set mode, simply turn on your Live Set option in the settings. The library of samples has been revamped to allow access to all your sounds. It’s now easier than ever to tag, arrange, play, and tag samples from different sound packs.

Create and remix

With Remixlive, it is possible to become an artist. Since the application allows users to make their tracks according to their preferences. It allows you to mix beats or drums, bass lines, melodies, vocals, and FXs of any genre to create tracks. In addition to the possibility of playing live, you can also play live on drum pads. This will give an extra dimension to your performance.

Additionally, various DJ-style FXs available in Remixlive can assist you in modifying your sound in real-time. Examples include beat repeat filter and delay. This application also lets you export your music to another music DAW like GarageBand, FL Studio, or iMPC and mix it into DJ apps such as Cross DJ or Djay.

Furthermore, this latest tool for music creation also comes with professional drum pads and a looper, sequencer, and song mode that are perfect for live performances and music composition. The next feature will make you feel beautiful.

Play loops in sync

All you need to start fully-synthesized loops, from starting them to adding FX in an all-in-one remix application. Create complex and multi-layered tracks with Remixlive with the multi-play mode. Remixlive incorporates seamless time-stretching, which lets you combine samples from many different sources, such as the 150+ professional sample packs included within the application.

Create your own sequences

This feature can allow everyone to create their pattern and create more complex music and up the game by advancing their style. Additionally, you can create sequences as you perform in desktop programs like Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, and Ableton. If you think the sequence you created isn’t perfect, you can still modify it. Furthermore, Remixlive was designed to be extremely user-friendly. You can easily make your distinctive patterns and rhythms, melodies, and tracks.

You can beat out your music to create new creations

Drum in real-time with one-shot samples, whether you use a mobile device or PC without or with an instrument. Record sounds and creates patterns using a loop-based sequencer that includes overdub. The grid for finger drums allows for the spontaneous creation of drum melodies and patterns. It is backed by a powerful engine that guarantees low latency on most devices.

Share and arrange your tracks

The Song Mode allows you to precisely edit the length of each sample, BPM, and ADSR. After editing, the sounds you imported into the library and recorded using the microphone are the basis for new compositions.

Upload your audio files to SoundCloud or send them to your family and friends through email or any messaging application. Remixlive with iOS also uses the many sharing options available on this iOS platform, like Files, Open In, or AudioShare.

Professional features are available in Remixlive

Each game will come with distinct attributes. It’s the same with Remixlive. Remixlive is no different. Seven features are professional in Remixlive to keep you interested. First, you can import your sample. This feature allows users can load their samples directly into your library, including MP3 WAV, AAC M4A, AIFF, and 16/24 bits. Editing your sample is the other option. Within the application, you can edit your samples using Play Mode (loop one-shot, gate), Quantize the Gain feature, Pan, Loop Division, and reverse.

Additionally, the application also can record your performance using quality AAC audio. Another feature that is available to you is Ableton Link. Ableton Link will sync Remixline with Cross DJ Pro, Link-compatible iOS applications, or Ableton Live. It also lets you adjust FXs, levels filters, Mute/Solo, and three-band EQ for each channel.

Record Modes is the sixth feature. There are four record modes available in the app, which you must be aware of. Song, Drums & Sounds, Microphone, and Master Audio. The Song mode can record audio loops and sequences onto the Timeline. The Drums & Sounds mode allows you to record drum sounds and instruments in the form of a sequence. In Microphone mode, you can record sound from the mic input. You also can make a new master audio recording using master Audio mode. Record live input using the microphone, and then record any sound or instrument to incorporate into Remixline. Additionally, you can mix and match the sounds from the existing packs to create new packs. That’s also the final feature available in Remixline – Mix and match your collection of samples.

Because of the factors mentioned above, Remixline has attracted more than 10 million worldwide users. Join us on Remixline and take advantage of the interesting features that the app can bring to you.

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