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Saikou B APK is a Japanese horror-themed game that you will love. It's lightweight and compatible with all Android devices. Get the Saikou B Android APK to start your journey to freedom.
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January 24, 2023
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Get the latest version 0f Saikou B APK and get rid of a Yandere girl. It is full of challenging challenges that will make the game very satisfying.

What is Saikou B APK?

Saikou B APK 2222 is a fun game where you must outsmart a Yandere girl determined to ruin your life and kill you. There are many frightening moments in the game. It is up to you to find a way out of her clutches.

Saikou B APK

Its simple graphics evoke the horror film feel. Thanks to its simple controls, you will quickly become a fan of the game.

Saikou B APK is a Japanese horror-themed game that you will love. It’s lightweight and compatible with all Android devices. Get the Saikou B Android APK to start your journey to freedom.


This game is full of horror elements. The game features a Yandere girl out to get your attention. Saiko Chan, the antagonist, will use all means to make your life miserable.

She will tie your hands and threaten to stab you. You can only survive if you outsmart her.

You will start in a locked room. Before Saiko Chan finds you, you must find a way out. As you advance, the game becomes more difficult.

You can explore many rooms, and each one presents its own puzzles. You will need to use your imagination and wit to solve these puzzles.

The Yandere girl always leaves clues. These clues can be used to your advantage to help you escape.

Saikou B APK Features

What will you do if you are confronted with a crazy girl? Your survival instincts and skills will be tested in Saikou B!

Escape game

Every day, we see a lot more mobile games being released. Technology has made it possible to have fun with a variety of games.

The horror genre has evolved beyond simply offering predictable gameplay. There are many horror escape games, such as Saikou B. This game aims to get out of Saiko Chan.

There are many horror games out there, but this is the best. This game is about surviving Saiko Chan, a serial killer. You’ll be able to escape because she loves to play with her victims.

Anime characters

The game features anime characters that are unusual for horror games. This game is full of well-designed characters and haunting dialogues. This game is about a high school girl who becomes a crazy killer.

You are a man who is stuck in the school with the murderer. It’s your duty to escape. You can use many objects and walk around the area, making it a great place to have fun.

Use objects to find keys and use them

You will find keys to open different rooms in Saikou B. You must first hide from the psycho killer by using various tactics to escape. You can find many keys in different places.

You have to be careful, as the killer will attempt to find you at any time. You don’t want her to take you away, so there are many places you can hide. Your skills must be used to your advantage to locate and use objects.

The Killer Left Behind Clues

The Yandere girl will be able to have well-written conversations. These conversations will allow you to get to know her better and help you see what she’s up to. These clues will be unique and will assist you in solving the puzzles.

Incredible Graphics and Sounds

The visuals of the game are simple but effective. They create the right atmosphere for horror games. They add tension to the game with their top-notch sound effects.

Fantastic Storyline

You will be captivated from beginning to end by the game’s story. You’ll be able to understand Yandere’s motivations and character. The story has many surprises and twists that will surprise you.


It is a great opportunity for anime lovers to stream and download unlimited videos and comic stories. You can stream and download unlimited videos without signing up or paying for a subscription. Download Saikou B Apk if you want to install this app on your smartphone.

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