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Samorost 3 APK is a puzzle game that is sure to entertain and challenge your brain! This game features a charming gnome who longs to learn the mysteries of the universe.
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Amanita Design
March 20, 2024
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Samorost 3 APK is a puzzle game that will entertain and challenge your brain! This game features a charming gnome who longs to learn the mysteries of the universe. You’ll solve puzzles as you make your way through each of the nine alien worlds. Each level is different and presents challenges and rewards, and the graphics and controls are simple and beautiful. It’s a fun game for both young and old; anyone can play it!


The game’s award-winning creators created this puzzle game, which offers puzzles and exploration in a single package. Players can use their knowledge, exploration skills, and imagination to find their way through nine alien worlds. What’s more, Samorost 3 Mod Apk is free! Try it today!


If you love adventure games and have been looking for a new one, you can download the latest Samorost 3 Mod Apk. It is an all-in-one adventure game developed by award-winning developers. The gameplay of this game is filled with puzzles and exploration, and the storyline will keep you on the edge of your seat! You will be able to explore the strange worlds of Samorost, and you will be able to use your magic flute to help you get around! There are nine locations in this game, and each of them has something to offer!

In addition to the puzzle-solving aspects of the game, the beautiful music and images will help you relax. The deep storyline and unique gameplay will keep you hooked for hours. And with its simple controls, Samorost 3 is a fun game to play on the go. Whether you play it on your Android device or desktop, you’ll find that it’s perfect for all ages.


The third title of the Samorost series continues the adventure of a curious space gnome who uses his magical flute to travel the cosmos in search of his root. While on his journey, Samorost encounters many interesting creatures and challenges. You can expect to have a blast with the game’s colorful art and unique sound effects. Whether you’re looking for an action-packed puzzle adventure or a wholesome family game, Samorost 3 will be an enjoyable experience.


The gameplay of Samorost 3 remains essentially the same as its predecessors, with a point-and-click interface. You select a character, click to control them, and then click to remove the puzzle. Then, you can solve riddles and help various creatures as you progress through the story. While playing, you can also explore unique environments and collect items to help you complete the storyline.

Samorost 3 APK Review

In this Samorost 3 APK review, we’ll examine the game’s controls, storyline, puzzles, visuals, and sound effects. Overall, we think Samorost 3 is an incredibly unique experience that will keep you busy for hours. It also boasts a fantastic storyline and fun puzzles, so you’ll want to check out the game for yourself.

The game takes place in a secret world

You may have played the Samorost 2 game, but did you know you can also play this one? This free Android game takes place in a secret world. It is a matching action-adventure game. You control Samorost to rescue his friends and find the way to return to his home planet. But to play the full version, you must download and extract the OBB file to your Android/OBB folder.

Explore new places and solve puzzles

The Samorost 3 game is developed by Amanita Design and has a gloomy yet charming environment. The main character is a Gnome who loves exploring new places and solving puzzles. The controls are based on pointing and clicking, which are used to move your character, solve puzzles, and collect items. This game will challenge your thinking skills! It also has an optional minigame that requires using the flute to help Samorost.


One of the best things about Samorost 3 APK is its novel storyline and engaging puzzles. Modern games are mostly action or fighting-oriented, and it is hard to find a simple game with a good storyline. Thankfully, Samorost 3 is an excellent example of such a game. Among the nine worlds in this game, you’ll find aliens, alluring art, and a variety of strange creatures.

Countless stories and characters

In Samorost 3, players must solve many different puzzles. These include free-falling objects, stacking logical cards, and solving complicated sequences of actions. These are difficult puzzles, but the rewards are great. Samorost 3 will keep players entertained for hours, and the gameplay is fun and addicting. The story is also interesting, as the game is based on a meaningful universe with countless stories and characters.

Science fiction

Science fiction features have always fascinated the gaming world, and Samorost 3 APK is no exception. The game uses an enchanted wooden wind to transport you through the galaxy. You must complete different puzzles to unlock the mysteries of each planet, which has nine different outer worlds to explore. The game uses great graphics, sound, and music to make you feel like you are in the middle of an adventure.

Excellent graphics and sounds 

Another unique feature of this game is its narrative style. Samorost 3 APK has an extensive plot and a remarkably long storyline. The graphics are excellent, and the nine planets are mysterious artworks. The portrayed characters also carry a private story. The game’s sound system is also impressive, combining strange sounds and melodious flutes that contribute to the storyline and imagination.


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