School Girl: Dungeon RPG MOD APK v (Unlimited Money/Potions)


Unleash the magic in School Girl: Dungeon RPG MOD APK! Get 3 copies for endless adventures, customize characters, and conquer dungeons. Unveil epic stories in this unique twist on a classic RPG!
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Oct 31, 2023
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School Girl: Dungeon RPG MOD APK

Venture into the world of School Girl: Dungeon RPG MOD APK, an alluring action role-playing game inspired by the enigmatic tale of Yandere. You’ll embody a cute schoolgirl armed with a sharp sword, navigating through the eerie depths of a dark dungeon. Your journey begins in an unknown and mysterious setting, where you’ll unravel the secrets concealed within. Armed with your trusty blade, you’ll face lurking dangers and relentless monsters, determined to grab hold of you. Survival hinges on your ability to fight back and vanquish these adversaries.


Here are the detailed features that the game will offer;

Uncover Dark Secrets

The game immerses you in an enigmatic storyline, guiding you through the eerie depths of a dark dungeon as you unravel its hidden mysteries.

School Girl: Dungeon RPG MOD APK

Intuitive Controls

Navigate your character with ease using on-screen movement buttons and unleash powerful attacks to fend off menacing foes.

Diverse Adversaries

The dungeon is teeming with dangers and monsters, each more formidable than the last. Battle weaker foes before confronting powerful boss enemies.

Rewarding Combat

Every victory against your foes brings you gold coins, which can be used to purchase attractive items and equipment from the in-game shop.

Equipment and Upgrades

Customize your character with sturdy armor, stylish shoes, and colorful jewelry. Enhance your combat capabilities with a wide variety of eye-catching swords and weapons.

Gold Mines

While exploring the dungeon, discover hidden gold mines to bolster your wealth and collect more gold, allowing you to strengthen your character.

Loyal Companions

You don’t have to explore the dungeon alone. Acquire charming pets by spending a certain amount of in-game currency, each providing valuable support in combat.

Diverse Pet System

Choose from a wide range of pets, from small dragons to rare mythical creatures. These loyal companions bolster your combat prowess and help you unleash devastating attacks.


School Girl: Dungeon RPG is a captivating and action-packed role-playing game that beckons players into the depths of a mysterious dungeon. With its enigmatic storyline, intuitive controls, diverse adversaries, and a wide array of equipment and companions, it offers a dynamic and engaging gaming experience. As you delve deeper into the dungeon’s mysteries, you’ll face increasing challenges and powerful foes, and your faithful pets will stand by your side, enhancing your combat prowess. It’s time to embark on an epic journey, uncover dark secrets, and emerge victorious in School Girl: Dungeon RPG.

Download School Girl: Dungeon RPG MOD APK v1.09 (Unlimited Money/Potions)


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