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Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for our health and well-being. However, waking up still feeling tired is a common complaint. This is where sleep tracking apps can provide value by helping users wake at optimal points in their natural sleep cycles. One such popular app is Sleep Cycle MOD APK from Sleep Cycle AB. Using sound analysis of a user’s movements and breathing, Sleep Cycle aims to wake users naturally during light sleep for a more refreshing start to the day.

What does the Sleep Cycle Do?

There is no real ‘gameplay’ aspect to Sleep Cycle, as it functions as a sleep tracking tool rather than an entertainment app. To use it, simply place the smartphone running Sleep Cycle on a surface near the bed before going to sleep. The app will then start analyzing sounds through the night to determine sleep stages. In the morning, Sleep Cycle will wake the user with a gradual alarm within a 30 minute window it calculates to be during light sleep based on patterns observed overnight.

Sleep Cycle MOD APK

Features of Sleep Cycle

Here are the unique features of Sleep Cycle:

Sleep Analysis

Sleep Cycle performs an in-depth analysis of each user’s sleep based on the sound data collected. Key features include:

Sleep Graph – A visualization of estimated sleep stages (awake, REM, light, deep) over the course of the night.

Statistics – Metrics such as total sleep time, time spent in each stage, and how movements influenced sleep quality.

Wake Trends – Insights into a user’s natural waking moments to optimize future alarm times.

Sound Optimization – Adjustment of microphones for optimal sleep sounds pickup in various environments.

Customizable Alarms

Rather than a jarring sound, Sleep Cycle uses gentler wakeup tones paired with vibrations or light touches to transition sleepers into consciousness naturally. Additional alarm options allow customizing:

Volume gradient – Adjusting alarm volume from low to high over 30 minutes.

Time window – Setting desired end points for the alarm range within a ±30 minute window.

Snooze controls – Limited automatic snoozes for extra rest but preventing oversleeping.

Sleep Reports

The app analyzes long term sleep patterns and quality, identifying issues through reports on:

Consistency – How regular sleep schedules impact wellness.

Deprivations – Costs of insufficient sleep on mood and focus.

Environment – Factors like noise or light hindering quality rest.

Together these give actionable insight into sleep hygiene for self-improvement.

How to Download and Install Sleep Cycle MOD APK?

This is a very simple process. Follow the below-discussed steps to download the app:

Sleep Cycle MOD

  • Enable downloading from third-party website. (This option is available in your mobile setting)
  • Visit our website, and enter the app name in the box specified for searching apps and games.
  • Open the article, and click on the download link given above.
  • Download the MOD file, click on it, and then click on install.
  • Sleep Cycle MOD APK will be installed on your mobile free of cost.


By unobtrusively tracking users’ sleep patterns, Sleep Cycle aims to optimize their schedules for better well-being. Whether simply waking refreshed or digging into nuanced sleep analytics reports, the app effectively makes sleep science personal and accessible. Although not addressing underlying issues like insomnia, it certainly helps most users make the most of their natural nightly rest. As a polished sleep aid, Sleep Cycle is a top choice for Android users wanting to up their game.

Download Sleep Cycle MOD APK v4.24.05.8274 (Premium Unlocked)


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