Stacky Bird MOD APK v1.3.56 (Unlimited Money)

In Stacky Bird MOD APK, players stack eggs strategically to surmount obstacles while evading monsters and spikes. Download and enjoy the game
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May 24, 2024
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Stacky Bird MOD APK delivers an exhilarating gaming experience that blends addictive gameplay with vibrant visuals. Navigate obstacles, stack eggs, and fly across diverse levels in this engaging and addicting game. Take flight with the square bird and explore new lands, overcoming hurdles and aiming for the highest leaderboard position.


In Stacky Bird, players stack eggs strategically to surmount obstacles while evading monsters and spikes. The game’s allure lies in its addictive quality, offering hours of flappy fun. As the square bird embarks on a mission to soar through various landscapes, the objective is to build a lengthy chain of eggs. Flap through challenges, securing safe landings, and collecting bonus coins by stacking the perfect number of eggs.

Unique Features

Here are the unique features that the game will offer;

Different Characters

Unlock Shooty Mode by executing three perfect landings, propelling the gameplay to greater challenges. Discover many characters beyond the square bird, including chickens, cats, pigs, and more. Each character adds a new dimension to the gameplay, flying across obstacles in unique styles.

Exploration and Collection

Explore new biomes and regions as you progress through flying games, earning coins to unlock diverse characters. Uncover secret characters through engaging minigames, adding depth and intrigue to the journey. Discover square bird houses, selecting your preferred dwelling to exhibit your accomplishments.

Leaderboard Competition

Compete and climb up the leaderboard by accumulating points in daily, weekly, or all-time high scores. Strive to become the best bird as you conquer challenges and secure top positions against global competitors.

Live Events and Exclusive Content

Participate in limited-time minigames and special levels, unlocking exclusive characters and additional content. These events add a layer of excitement and diversity to the gameplay, rewarding players with unique experiences.


Stacky Bird presents an easy-to-grasp yet challenging gaming experience, combining intuitive controls with vibrant, colorful levels. Master the art of stacking eggs, navigating obstacles, and collecting coins to unlock many characters and birdhouses. With engaging live events, leaderboard competitions, and addictive gameplay, Stacky Bird offers hours of thrilling entertainment. Dive into this hyper-casual game and embark on a delightful journey with the square bird today!

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