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Teaching Feeling Apk game has an interesting concept. You are a doctor, and you will be helping a young woman named Sylvie who is dying of cancer.
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July 5, 2024
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Teaching Feeling Apk game has an interesting concept. You are a doctor, and you will be helping a young woman named Sylvie who is dying of cancer. As you help her, you will need to give her strange things in return for her life. In return, she will acknowledge all of the things you offer. If you can get her to acknowledge all of your gifts, you will be able to increase your level.

The game is an adult-only game where you will teach a girl the basics of feeling. Your objective is to get Sylvie promoted. It is recommended for players who are a little mature. You can also send messages to other players. You will be able to receive and send messages through encrypted channels. In addition, you can save your progress in the game if you lose your job. Moreover, the game will automatically save your progress in your progress.

The main goal of Teaching Feeling is to help Sylvie recover her health and become a high-level professor. It is a simple and fun game that lets you share your thoughts, emotions, and experiences with other players. It is safe to download and use, as you can communicate using encrypted channels.


The game has a simple yet effective design, and it is very addictive to play. If you are looking for a direct interactive game that will teach you how to love someone, then Teaching Feeling is for you. This android game will let you adopt a pretty girl and make her fall in love with you. The main character in this game is a beautiful girl, and your mission is to take care of her. This is a great way to learn empathy and how to treat others.

The gameplay is fascinating. You have to interact with people from different cultures and have compassion for them. As you play the game, you will notice that you have to raise a new girl who is ill each day. To cure her, you have to raise your intimacy level and teach her the value of love and caring. It is important to realize that this will help her overcome the hardships in life.

Fantastic Features

A game about feelings and emotions

One of the most popular Visual Novel games is Teaching Feeling Apk, a game about feelings and emotions. The game is recommended for adults because of its depth and mature content. To play the game, you will need to take on the role of a doctor. When you first visit the patient’s home, you will get a gift. This gift will be a new camera that will let you take a photo of the room. Once you have taken a photo of the patient’s home, you will be able to use this to get her to trust you. Then, the two of you will start falling in love, and you will try to break up.

Communicate with Sylvie (the main character in the game)

The story of the game is very engaging. You will be able to communicate with Sylvie by giving her special gifts and helping her fall in love. To complete the game, you will be able to earn more coins, which you can use to purchase more gifts. Once you have collected enough coins, you can also use them to improve the character’s health. And once you have finished the levels, you will be rewarded with more options.

The main character of Teaching Feeling is called Sylvie. She is a young girl whose previous owners have tortured her. She is experiencing significant trauma, and she needs to learn to express her feelings in healthy ways. The game is a good resource for parents and is affordable for all levels of kids. You can download the app on your device and start playing right away. It’s free, so that you can download it right away.

Increase the happiness of Sylvie 

The main character of the game is Sylvie. She is a little girl who is in love. As she works towards this, you must offer her gifts and favors in return for her happiness. Each time you give her an item, her happiness level increases. You can also play the auto menu to provide her with the items she wants. As you continue to earn coins, you can even unlock more items. The more things you offer her, the better she will be at handling her feelings.

Make Sylvie a great teacher 

It includes a detailed storyline and features for the whole family. The main character in the game is named Sylvie. She has wounds on her body and is a slave to a man who ruined her life. Her hero-like treatment and sufficient food will make her an effective teacher. So, you should download the Teaching Feeling Apk to have a great experience in the game.

Supports multiple languages

The game is based on a visual novel. It allows you to imagine yourself inside a person and interact with them in a way that will make them fall in love with you. The game supports multiple languages and 2D graphics. This Android game will make you fall in love with the character!

Two-dimensional graphics

The game is a story-based game with two-dimensional graphics. It supports various languages and is suitable for a wide range of mobile devices. The game has many addictive features that will keep you entertained for hours. If you are looking for a fun game that is addictive and educational, Teaching Feeling Apk is a great choice. You’ll love the story and the graphics in this story.

Final words 

As a virtual dating game, Teaching Feeling is based on the characters of a novel. The game requires you to choose between two men and one woman. The game is unique and offers many opportunities for creativity. It is a perfect choice for parents with young children. The game is simple and offers many features for families. So, go ahead and download the application. You’ll soon be enjoying this excellent game.


1. What kind of game teaching feeling is?

Answer: This is a visual novel game in which you will take care of Sylvie, the main character in the game.

2. What age of people can play this game?

Answer: It’s a romantic story game, so I suggest those who are 18 years of age and above.


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