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For those who are curious, you can explore the fantastic warnings and alarms available within Torque Pro, which provide various useful alerts for a better driving experience.
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Mobile apps have changed our lives dramatically. Lifestyle, social media news, games, utility apps, and more. These are all available on almost every smartphone. In the same way, you can keep an eye on your vehicle or car by knowing various information about it. For instance, the fuel economy and graph data, mileage, RPM, engine condition, and other parameters for your car can be accessed. The application comes with Torque Pro APK (OBD2 and Car).

Most of us own personal vehicles or vehicles that we use for our daily needs. Sometimes, you’re not aware of its physical condition. In the end, unavoidable damages can be a nuisance since it interferes with your daily routine. Therefore, you should have an instrument to keep track of every update regarding the state of your vehicle. Even if you have a dashboard inside your car, it can be extremely helpful in this way. But, you may not have more than some details. If that is the case, this tool will provide you with all the needed information.

In addition, OBD2 should be in the car before you can use this software. This is why I’d like to inform the users of OBD2. It’s an abbreviation for Onboard Diagnostics-2, a diagnostic system found in all modern vehicles. It monitors the vehicle’s engine and other delicate components and immediately informs you via the dashboard when there’s an issue. The OBD adapter is connected to the car’s system information to do this. In short, you will receive all information on your phone regarding the health and condition of your vehicle.

Amazing Features

Here are all the thrilling features the app can offer:

All vehicles that have OBD support

To ensure you can enjoy the many interesting features that Torque Pro offers, Torque Pro can now accommodate all cars that use the OBD standard. You will find automobiles built after 2000 that support this feature. Also, the OBD standard could date back to cars older than 1996. Therefore, you will likely have no problems using the fantastic mobile application and the features on a majority of your cars.

Practical and easy to use vehicle measurements

Additionally, with Torque Pro available on your device, Android users can easily manage their devices with useful and easy-to-understand measures. Begin by looking through the Dynamometer to determine the torque and horsepower of your vehicle. Lock the transmission temperature, which can be adjusted across multiple devices. Utilize the timings for speed to gauge the time it takes your vehicle to travel between 0-60 miles per hour.

Torque Pro APK

Additionally, if you’re concerned about CO2 emissions, certain cars will allow this type of readout within Torque Pro. Lock your MPG (mile per gallon) to measure the efficiency of your car. Unlock the MAF and MAP sensors to get accurate airflow and pressure measurements. All data collected will be displayed on the graphs with intuitive graphics and allow you to effortlessly monitor and analyze the data.

Personalize your profile and dashboard to get a better experience

If you are curious, you can personalize your dashboard and profile inside Torque Pro, which will enable you to better use the software. You can adjust the order of your reads on the dashboard so that they only display the most popular measurements. Also, the app can adjust its profiles to function better across your automobiles.

Make video journeys that are intuitive by using the Track Recorder

To ensure that you’re fully prepared for any situation when driving using Torque Pro, users can use an option to enable the Track Recorder plugin enabled. This allows you to film your trip using an OBDII overlay of data. It will also make it a black-box accessible for your vehicle, vital for extended journeys.

Access the huge fault code database

If you want to search for defects on any vehicle you encounter, Feel free to browse the huge database within Torque Pro, which will give you a simple search engine of all codes. Choose the preferred manufacturer and let the program search for the faults you’d like to get rid of. This will enable you to get the most out of the app, even if it’s incompatible with your vehicle.

Have fun exploring different themes

To make the application more engaging and user-friendly, users can choose among various theme options, with each one offering unique dashboard settings. Enjoy enabling amazing looks for your gadgets and take advantage of its features whenever you’d like.

Logging information is sent whenever you require

Additionally, if you would like to share log files of Torque Pro’s activity on your vehicle, you can also transmit your information through websites or email. Allow the accessible and useful CSV and KML files to make them easier to analyze in Excel or Open Office reader.

Make use of the heads-up display for night driving

If you’re driving during evening hours, it’s essential to focus on the road and steer clear of any distractions. Torque Pro will also provide the heads-up display for many vehicles supported. This allows you to focus completely on driving while being able to monitor the measurement.

It is easy to track and measure your GPS

With the GPS capabilities, Android users in Torque Pro can quickly check for GPS speedometers and tracking to track their location and the state that the motor is at this moment in time. You can also enable the helpful Compass, built on GPS that will not be affected by magnetic interferences. When you’re traveling, the app will transmit GPS-tagged tweets to your Twitter pages, making sure everyone knows where you’re traveling to.

Make sure to enable alarms and notifications for more enjoyable experiences

For those who are curious, you can explore the fantastic warnings and alarms available within Torque Pro, which provide various useful alerts for a better driving experience. This application will continuously check your system and provide safety alerts on any important modifications. So, you’ll be confident that you’re secure and well-informed when driving using the app.

Capture and share screenshots easily

Android users can now take simple images from their Torque Pro dashboard and have them posted on various social networks to make the application more entertaining. You are welcome to enable sharing and screen capture options to save crucial screenshots.

Allow Telnet interface to improve communication through the app

In Torque Pro, Android users will always enjoy the helpful Telnet interface for any vehicle that supports it. Now, you can turn on AIDL as an AIDL API for third-party applications and let you use voice commands on the system.

It also works with other Android tablet devices

And lastly, to ensure that you can use the app on any Android device, Torque Pro also works well on numerous tablets, such as Samsung Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak Motorola Xoom, and many more.

Get the free and unlocked application on our website

With various beneficial features, it’s not a surprise to see the Torque Pro being desired by many users. However, unless you are willing to shell out a substantial amount to have the app unlocked, it’s best to download the free and unlocked version on our site. We offer all of the features in the app for you to use without ads or purchases. All required is for the user to install and download Torque Mod APK; follow the instructions, and you’ll be good to start.

Final decisions

Be prepared to be immersed in Torque Pro’s amazing application, which is vital for all automobile owners. With features that are OBD-compatible, it will enable you to effortlessly examine your vehicle’s system and identify any issues you’re experiencing. While doing so, we can also use a variety of advanced features that make your journey much more enjoyable. Last but not least, when you download the unlocked and free Version of this app that is available on our site, you’ll have plenty of reasons to love the app.

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