6ix9ine Runner MOD APK v ( Ads Free, Unlocked)


When you play, you get the impression that you're cutting fruit with a sharp sword. The sound you make when cutting the blocks along the route is also rather amusing.
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January 18, 2024
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6ix9ine Runner MOD APK is a music game based on Beat Saber – a virtual reality rhythm game. Before we go to the download, let’s look at the game’s features and MOD version.

6ix9ine Runner MOD APK


Gamejam is the creator of 6ix9ine Runner. They also create rhythm games, which are games that are tied to music, in addition to puzzles and sports activities. And this game is nothing like any other game you’ve ever played.

When you first start the game, you’ll take on the role of Tekashi 6ix9ine, a rapper with roughly 18 million fans and nearly 4 billion views on his Youtube channel.

You will control this character with a Star Wars Light Saber and slash the squares in front of his eyes until the music ends.

In many ways, 6ix9ine Runner is unlike other rhythm games, as I previously stated.

To begin, you will use the sword to slash in the direction of the arrow on the squares travelling towards you, similar to the game Beat Saber.

6ix9ine Runner MOD APK

The gameplay of 6ix9ine Runner is similar to that of 6ix9ine Runner, but it is a little easier; all you have to do is move the character to the front of the squares, and the character will slash automatically.

Second, when cutting some particular squares, you will be immortal for a few seconds if you pay attention to the colour of the squares. It’s a protective talisman that makes it easier to overcome roadblocks.

6ix9ine Runner APK Features 

Characters and swords can be unlocked

Gamejam allows you to acquire skins for the characters to add variation to the game.

To acquire certain unique skins, you’ll need to spend money or view adverts.

The skins that Gamejam included in the game are pretty elaborate, featuring characters like the mouse Snitch, Shark, pirate Chelsey, and various Tekashi 6six9ine outfits.

You can select from a wide range of weapons in the arsenal. Slash the notes using a Japanese katana, hammer, laser sword, Light Saber, and other weapons. When you cut the squares, it not only changes the visual experience but also generates unique sound effects. Additionally, when you purchase the VIP membership package, you can access exclusive VIP attire and swords.


Gamejam is most likely a fan of American rapper Daniel Hernandez, often known as 6ix9ine or just Tekashi. Instead of following the trend of releasing popular songs’ melodies online to entice players, such as Astronomia – Coffin Dance, How do you like that – Black Pink, Faded – Alan Walker, the game only features music by Tekashi 6six9ine.

To keep the game from becoming too monotonous, each song will be separated into two levels: easy and challenging. Gamejam does this to provide a small obstacle to players, boosting their drive to triumph. In addition, the money you make while playing is utilized to unlock your favourite music on the home screen.

The developer is especially enthusiastic about the music. Because the sound is of great quality, you should listen to it with headphones for a more immersive musical experience.

Play with your pals

Like other rhythm games, the game has rankings for you to compete with your friends. You may link your Facebook account to the game, and individuals that play will be able to see their achievements on the leaderboards.

Playing with pals is always a good time. You and your pals will battle for places. Enter the suffocating race to establish who is the best player by claiming the top place in the rankings.


6ix9ine Runner is made up of 3D graphics in a variety of hues. The animation of the character, as well as other details, is excellent. When you play, you get the impression that you’re cutting fruit with a sharp sword. The sound you make when cutting the blocks along the route is also rather amusing. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that the game’s tempo changes in response to the song’s rhythm.


To play as Tekashi and listen to his music, download the newest version of the 6ix9ine Runner apk for Android. Complete several stages without colliding with the game’s obstacles and listen to his cooperation.

Download 6ix9ine Runner MOD APK v1.6.0 ( Ads Free, Unlocked) 


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