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Using the app, you can clone accounts and run them in parallel on Android devices. This app is extremely useful if you want to quickly switch between social media accounts and game accounts without logging in.
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Oct 1, 2023
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Social media users often need to switch between accounts. Most people can only register one account for their Android devices. If you have multiple accounts, this can make life difficult. Many people use the App Cloner Mod Apk to deal with this issue. This software allows users to create multiple accounts on one Android device. You can also clone an app and save its information to a separate folder.

App Cloner MOD APK

What is it used for?

Using the app, you can clone accounts and run them in parallel on Android devices. This app is extremely useful if you want to quickly switch between social media accounts and game accounts without logging in.


You will be running two apps at once, so your devices must have the necessary hardware capabilities. If this is not the case, you will likely have problems cloning multiple accounts and doing other tasks.

Your devices should have good RAM (usually more than 3GB) and a multi-core processor to handle doubled data.

Use Clone App to log in to other accounts

It allows users to create clones of their favorite apps and run them in a separate environment. You can use both the original app and the cloned version by creating two separate accounts.

The best part is that two devices can identify the accounts as logins. This is especially useful for those who have multiple online gaming or social accounts.

Incognito login protects your privacy

Online trackers can’t trace every action you make within your cloned application because you used the incognito login method. This makes you completely invisible to your supervisors or neighbors.

Privacy-conscious users can connect to their online accounts via the app. Your information will be protected in this way.

Quick switching between different accounts

App Cloner is preferred by most users over switching accounts on authentic apps. This is because you must log out of Facebook before entering the username and password. This is true for all social media apps and online games, so more people are using cloned applications.

App Cloner MOD APK

App Cloners allows you to easily switch accounts by opening the App Cloner Premium and finding the cloned application. This will make the process much faster and allow you to keep your existing account logged in.

You can create parallel spaces without conflict

App Cloner apps typically use parallel spaces to clone the app. Your original app can be accessible to another account in the main OS.

It’s only theory, but in practice, very few apps can create parallel spaces without conflicting with the App Cloner Premium. This allows users to use their accounts confidently without worrying about conflicts and crashes.

Stable and powerful

The App Cloner’s outstanding performance and stability are other great features. You can install the app on almost all devices without paying any extra.


Old devices won’t work

Old devices may have difficulty cloning or simultaneously running on single-core and dual-core processors. This is because older hardware doesn’t support multitasking. Older devices have less RAM than what is required. It would be difficult to run another app in the background.

Some apps cannot be cloned

Please note that not all apps can be cloned because of Google’s policies and the differences in certain apps’ architecture. If you attempt to clone unpopular apps, they might experience crashes or malfunctions. App Cloner will list your apps on its support list to ensure the best result.


Thanks to the app cloning function, Android users can now switch between social media accounts in seconds. The premium version allows you to clone multiple apps and create multiple accounts.

Download App Cloner MOD APK v2.17.1 (Premium Unlocked) 


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