The Best Way to Get Kratos Fallen Stars Armor Set in God of War Ragnarok


To unlock Kratos' Fallen Stars armor set in God of War Ragnarok, you'll have to complete an entire questline in the game's final area.
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January 22, 2023

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To unlock Kratos’ Fallen Stars armor set in God of War Ragnarok, you’ll have to complete an entire questline in the game’s final area. This guide will walk you through how to get each piece and bring the armor set together in one place. If you want to learn more about other armor sets or components of God of War, check out our guide.

Finding the Pieces

This armor set comprises three pieces: the breastplate, the greaves, and the helmet. For the breastplate, you’ll need a Soul of a Cursed Soldier, and for the greaves, you’ll need two Souls of a Weary Warrior. Lastly, you’ll need two Souls of an Angry Warrior for the helmet. The easiest way to get these items is by defeating certain enemies on your quest and looting their souls afterward. A good place to start is with the Cursed Legionnaires, who appear at random points during the game’s missions. Defeat them, loot their souls, and move on to other powerful enemies like Fenrirs until you’ve amassed enough souls for each piece of gear.

Upgrading the Pieces

You’ll need to upgrade each piece to get the full Fallen Star armor set. You do this by collecting rare materials like Jötunheim Steel and Obsidian that can be found while exploring the world. When you have enough of these items, bring them back to Brok, located at Sindri’s Workshop just north of Alfheim. He’ll then upgrade the piece for a small fee. You’ll know when it’s done because he says it should hold until we make more improvements. Upgrading pieces takes time, so you should start as soon as possible if you want to collect all of Kratos’ Fallen Stars armor set before the endgame.

Wearing the Pieces

It may seem impossible, but there are a few ways you can get the Fallen Stars armor set. One way is by completing the story mode. The other is by purchasing the DLC pack for it. No matter which way you choose, you’ll need to complete a variety of tasks first before unlocking its secrets. If you’re looking for a quicker route, then buying the DLC will be your best bet. It’ll cost $9.99 and provide immediate access to all pieces of the Fallen Stars set. Just make sure that’s what you want, as there’s no going back once that purchase has been made!

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