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This game offers the best bus driving simulation for all one of you who would like to travel to Indonesia as well as experience the authentic experience of being a bus driver in this stunning country. Enjoy your ride when you pick up passengers and drop off passengers at every station.
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Are you curious about the daily life of bus drivers? Do you want to discover and experience this unique way of life as a bus driver? In addition, do you want to take an adventure across the stunning nation of Indonesia? If so, then you must consider this brand new and exciting mobile title, the Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK very interesting.

Get on the bus of your choice to experience the distinctive and engaging game in Bus Simulator Indonesia where you’ll be able to become a full-time bus driver within the stunning nation of Indonesia. Discover the rich and fascinating game as you discover the breathtaking and famous landscapes of the country while working as a bus driver.

What is Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK?

This game offers the best bus driving simulation for all one of you who would like to travel to Indonesia as well as experience the authentic experience of being a bus driver in this stunning country. Enjoy your ride when you pick up passengers and drop off passengers at every station. Enjoy the real and precise roads that have complete the traffic. While at all times, you can enjoy the thrilling experience of many different types of automobiles.


In the game, Android players will be working and playing as all-time bus drivers participating in diverse challenges within the game. Begin by adhering to the latest driving regulations in the nation. Additionally, you’ll be able to experience fascinating and unique experiences while driving through the famous locations all over the country. Take advantage of your trip around the country by driving your car through various places. Get a taste of authentic Indonesia with this incredible bus simulator.

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Features of Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK 

Simple and easy controls that will assist you in getting started

In the beginning, Android gamers in Bus Simulator Indonesia will be being able to enjoy the fantastic gaming experience when they get into the thrilling driving simulation game. Take a ride on any bus, and swiftly become familiar with the controls while you experience the effortless and intuitive vehicle handling.

Use the control buttons on your fingers while you steer your vehicle through the stunning streets of Indonesia. You can also enjoy the real controls that include pedals with apprehensible accessibility or gear controls as well as a steering wheel. The amazing in-game controls will assist you in using the method you prefer.


If you’re one of those who are interested in the game, it also offers diverse perspectives for you to take in. Begin with the view from the third person while you watch your vehicle and road from the sky. Gamers playing Bus Simulator Indonesia can find themselves playing the game by entering the cockpit. Look at the road ahead and also the passengers seated behind. It will make you feel like you’re operating your bus.

Travel around the country and discover authentic cities and locations

To make the experience more exciting, players playing Bus Simulator Indonesia will also have access to the gorgeous Indonesian cities. It’s possible to get into the authentic bus driving scenarios in which you travel on a bus across the country.

Explore and discover the stunning cities, each with its unique landscapes as well as locations and an advanced road system to take in. Stations are open for the passengers to be lowered and for new ones to go up. It’s like taking your personal bus. In addition, authentic cities allow you to travel around the country and take a memorable trip without the need to travel everywhere.

Realistic Indonesian buses with authentic and detailed designs

Furthermore, when you get into the amazing bus simulation game players of the Bus Simulator Indonesia can be able to gain access to the authentic Indonesian Buses, each boasting their own distinctive and intriguing designs. Take a ride on these amazing vehicles that have authentic designs and configurations. Learn about the role that a bus operator does in many angles as you ride on these amazing rides.

Amazing maps featuring accurate designs and real elements

If you’re one of those who are curious, you’ll discover the amazing maps within the game extremely impressive. Take a look at the deep-dive in-game traffic maps featuring real-life road constructions with complete traffic lights and sign systems as well as multiple vehicles that are parked on the streets every time you take your favorite bus. Intelligent AI allows that vehicles run as they do on the actual road. Furthermore, the intuitive Weather system can make your journey more real and enjoyable, because the changing weather permits you to totally immerse yourself into the amazing maps in-game.

Feel free to modify your ride

To enhance the fun To make the game more interesting, players in Bus Simulator Indonesia will also have access to the most advanced bus customization options which are offered within the game. Take a ride on your favorite vehicle and add many interesting and unique customizations.


Begin by putting on fresh paints, then customize your vehicle components, and add specific images, calligraphy, and the list goes on. You can customize your car to suit the way you want during the game. Go for extreme and put on various LED lights and customizing your ride as you make your way through the game.

Furthermore, it’s possible to improve your bus in order to offer a more pleasant experience for passengers and also for your driver. It is possible to improve the seating or power the engines and put on new tires and continue.

Cool, fascinating and famous honks

In addition, to spice up the game even more fun exciting, players playing Bus Simulator Indonesia will also have access to the fun and exciting game where you can take advantage of exciting honks from your vehicles. In addition, you can enjoy yourself by singing “Om Telolet Om!” known as the Internet sensation that you truly take pleasure in.

As little advertising as you can

When playing Bus Simulator Indonesia, Android players will also be not being irritated by irritating advertisements. The game is as free of advertisements as it is possible. So, you won’t find it difficult to play playing to the max. Most importantly, there won’t be any annoying advertisements that hinder your view or disturb your game.

Log in to one of your Google Play Service accounts for unlocked content

If you’re curious, it’s possible to access the games with Google Play Service. Google Play Service and unlock new content. This means that you’ll be able to find new game modes on the Leaderboards where you’ll be competing with the best drivers across the country. You must complete your challenges to the best of your ability and earn the best scores as you advance. Furthermore, with the online save feature, it is also possible for you to securely save your progress and then easily transfer it to your other devices. You won’t find Bus Simulator Indonesia so enjoyable and easy to use.

Create and personalize your own 3D model of your vehicle

Last but not least to make the game fun, players playing Bus Simulator Indonesia will also have access to the huge and exciting gameplay with the intriguing mod system that is included in the game. You’ll be able to navigate many intriguing 3D models as you explore Indonesia’s streets Indonesia in a variety of ways. You can take a ride on many fascinating 3D models as you go.

Play for free

If you haven’t heard that the game is accessible to everyone Android gamers to play on mobile devices. So, it’s possible to get this game installed via Google Play Store. Google Play Store for absolutely cost.

Graphics and Sound

If you’re looking for something to do, Bus Simulator Indonesia offers the most accurate and rich visual experience that is sure to please you. As such, you’ll be amazed by the gorgeous vehicles, detailed roads, precise traffics, and full weather forecasts truly amazing. The most important thing is that real-world physics gives you the impression of driving in real reality.

With powerful and powerful Audio experiences Bus Simulator Indonesia lets Android players to a thrilling bus simulator that you will definitely be able to. It’s true that the precise audio effects will help you feel at ease throughout your journeys. The relaxing music is sure to make your journey even more exciting. Additionally, you’ll also be able to access the game’s unique radio in-game and music, which will expose the player to the Indonesian culture.

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Final thoughts

Fans of the well-known Bus Simulator 2017 will certainly discover themselves enjoying the new and exciting game in Bus Simulator: Indonesia Mod APK. It gives you the opportunity to play an exciting and refreshing experience using your real Indonesia buses and traveling around the country as you travel. The most important thing is that the game is free and unlocked, and will surely please even the most untrustworthy gamers.

Download Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK v4.2 (Unlimited Money/Fuel) 



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