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Clone Armies is a tactical combat game that has a set inspired by battles in the military. Your goal is to take charge of your army's attack on the enemy's position.
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With Clone Armies Mod Apk, the player manages his army to take on the enemy’s army. With the loop feature: clones fight death, rebirth and fight to build an army of superpowers using the most powerful version.

Clone Armies MOD APK

Clone Armies is a tactical combat game that has a set inspired by battles in the military. Your goal is to take charge of your army’s attack on the enemy’s position. Develop a strategy that effectively uses the combination of weapons and troops to take out tough adversaries. Be successful and move forward to your next challenge!


Clone Armies is a unique shooting game. You control your tiny legions to take out your foes. It is easy to play and easy to master. It offers different levels and various tasks to help you master your skills. You can download the game to grasp the puzzle.

From our viewpoint, Clone Armies is a mobile phone game featuring a Q-print-style war theme. The game is easy to use and user-friendly. The gameplay is also traditional. Players utilize war machines such as gunships, armoured vehicles and even gunships to take down enemies and be victorious in the war. We invite you to download and play Clone Armies. Clone Armies.

Clone Armies MOD APK

The game’s armies look like an adorable Q-version of the cartoon character’s display. However, the war didn’t diminish the level of the game. You can control your army and take on your adversaries. Make use of high-tech to arm your troops. The game includes guns, war machines, and armoured trucks that can beat your enemies and complete the mission.

Prepare to take on your foes in the usual PVP multiplayer modes. You can enjoy casual games with your buddies, dive straight into the competitive game, and rise the leaderboards. There are numerous types of military equipment available to customize your base. You can create cloned troops to defend the cloned machine. You can then destroy the base of your adversaries with care and prudence.

How do you play Clone Armies?

Clone Armies is a unique shooting game. The game aims to take control of your tiny legions and destroy your opponents. If you have the resources, you can create many fighters to defend. The game is easy to play and easy to master, with a variety of levels and various tasks to pick from. The amount of gold coins available in the game is endless. Download the game to fully understand the game’s gameplay.

Clone Armies MOD APK

Clone Armies is an action shooting game developed by Elecube. If the player dies to an opponent, the level will be re-opened. There will be an additional character to assist you in playing the game. If you lose more, you will have more players you’ll have. These clones can help complete the game and may even have different vehicles and weapons. An element of difficulty characterizes the game as the number of duplicates grows.

If you play Clone Armies, it is an extremely casual horizontal version of 2D games with a breakthrough. Clone Armies is a game with a distinctive card. Players must form an intelligent and strong replica army to defeat the opponent and win the game. With an abundance of weapons, other props, and the ultimate battle strategy. You can download the game and play it if intrigued.

Clone Armies is a very cartoon-like strategy mobile game. The game’s players must form an army of duplicates made up of various arms. Then, they must enter the game to fight other players. Players can also design weapons and gear for their soldiers to increase their fighting effectiveness. For more information about the content, go to download and play.

Features of Clone Armies APK


In the game Clone Armies, the player is an experienced military commander. Your army is called the blue one, while your opponent is that army of red. How can you take on the red army with just a few soldiers? The first step is to learn how to combat and clone soldiers throughout the game. Gun combat is the most widely employed weapon. Your troops will fight with a lot of energy; even if you are killed, do not be scared. In a matter of seconds, the green army will become more cloned and begin fighting.

Develop a plan to organize your soldiers and direct the soldiers to fight. Keep fighting and reincarnation to make the loop of taking on a tough fight and giving up while resurrecting more powerful. The greater your regeneration, the higher the number of minions you can create when you clone. This is an advantage to your army. Every soldier is given a figure on their head, their level. In line with the soldiers,’ the strength of their soldiers is similar. Enhance your army’s power through numerous iterations to create a stronger army!


Clone Armies comes with numerous levels, which can be hard to defeat. In each stage, a rival faction with the same strengths will emerge. They could be an army like yours or massive troops. The army that is fighting you has outfitted with similar weapons to you. The destruction they inflict isn’t minimal. Based on the level of play, the attacker’s attack style can be different. Create a strategy for attacking for a complete attack with a single target or an all-out assault. Learn about a variety of fighting styles and thrilling combats!

Furthermore, players should also improve the equipment in their army and base to increase their power. Upgrade your combat weapons, cannons, guns and tanks to help in the fight. Also, you can equip more modern weapons, such as rockets,… commando attacks or Rambo-style assaults, based on your chosen weapon. Build your army stronger and make it the most formidable squad with the top equipment!

Clone Armies MOD APK


Players can choose from a variety of game modes like single-player mode or 1v1 multiplayer mode, or even solo/co-op. Each mode of play has distinct rules and play style, and you’ll be given specific directions when you first try the mode. Of course, this is accompanied by different levels of play that have their pros and benefits. Single-player mode allows you to become more proficient in your strategies and ability to handle mid-range difficulties from the game’s team. Multiplayer mode lets you play with your friends or other players. Play to win and rack up a ton of bonus points. The higher your score, the better the likelihood of being part of the rankings. Join your friends and climb to the top positions in the rankings of players!

The rewards that you can earn from Clone Armies after each event and challenge can be useful and can help you improve your arsenal and weapons. Additionally, they let you purchase things to build a full fighting formation that includes mini-gun soldier’s tanks, jet fighters, helicopters, jeeps, rocket launchers, and more. Participate in many challenges and earn impressive rewards!


Clone Armies is a good shooting game that is mobile and shoots. Your mission is to command the other soldiers to engage in battle. You can use your resources to clone additional corps to assist you in fighting. Clone Armies is a horizontal shooting and clearance game. It’s impossible to take on the enemy by yourself. Your little troops must be in control to eliminate the enemies you oppose.

The Clone Force is a force that causes friction and makes an appearance during Star Wars. At first, they viewed this formidable force as a saviour to bring back the Republic. In reality, the cloned army served as an important step to allow the sith to take revenge on the Jedi and create their own Galactic Empire. Their brains were implanted by Order 66 to slaughter the Jedi.

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