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Energy Blast is an extremely addictive game that is ideal for those who want to have fun and relax. With its vibrant and stunning motion graphics, gamers will never be bored playing the game.
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Tokyo Smart Games
January 17, 2023
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There is so much spare time, but you don’t think of what you should do? Install and enjoy Energy Blast MOD APK now. It’s a simple but addictive game. All you need to do is tap and tap to shoot an energy blast as high as possible.

Energy Blast MOD APK

Information about Energy Blast

The game was launched in 2000 by Tokyo Smart Games – a popular game maker through Google Play. To meet the players’ desires, Energy Blast, despite its simplistic gameplay, is still appealing to players due to its extreme capacity to relieve stress. While it was only released recently, this game has already received more than 500k downloads and is predicted to grow in the coming years. Players can transform into characters with unlimited power and shoot blasts that break the planets and meteors when playing the game.


Do you recognize Son Goku, a Super Saiyan in Dragon Balls? In this game, players will be playing a Super Saiyan (but no eyes and nose) and use his superpowers to expel energy into spheres before throwing the spheres away. The goal is only to throw the energy ball as far as possible. After that, it will demolish any meteors or planets it comes across.

There are a variety of meteorites that form part of an energy sphere’s orbit. Two types of meteorites are distinguished by size and color. Small brown meteorites that are destroyed will offer less than larger yellow meteorites. Particularly, if you destroy the planet in the end, you’ll be rewarded with various benefits.

Features of Energy Blast APK

Simple control

Energy Blast is an idle game that can be played through mobile devices; therefore, the control system is easy. All you need to do is tap and then hold to release the energy ball. When the ball, a circle that ranges from small to large, appears, it will influence the ball’s energy. A smaller circle means the ball absorbs greater energy, and the reverse is true.

If you shoot energy balls towards the sky, you have to control the ball using your fingers to move left and right to allow the ball to smash most meteors. While it’s a straightforward game, it requires players to remain patient and to drop and touch when the energy circle is at the maximum.


This game lets players can use their abilities to unleash energy. Energy Blast gives players many unique capabilities. If you’ve watched Dragon Balls, you’ll feel familiar with them. The game has more than ten types available to unlock as a character progresses in level. Upon opening the Lucky Box randomly, ten abilities are acquired, and the remaining ten abilities that players can acquire in the Chest Room. Because of this diversity, Energy Blast is not considered boring and monotonous. The game’s creators are working on adding more exciting features.


However, the character is a human model with no eyes or nose. The players can choose to change their characters to make them more fashionable. At first, when they reach the player at level 1, they are provided with costumes similar to the boxer. Similar to collecting abilities, players can earn skins by unlocking them when they reach a certain level, utilizing The Lucky Box and obtaining them from the Chest Room.


In the event that you can smash as many meteors during one flight as you can to earn more gold coins. And, if you destroy the earth in the process, you’ll earn plenty of cash. Also, during the flight, players can collect random keys. You can use the keys to open the treasure chest of Lucky Box. Each time you use it, it will consume three keys.

In return, you’ll get lots of gold or new costumes, skins, or costumes for your character. In addition, the money can be used to upgrade the skill cards of characters. The three card decks include Strength Speed, Strength, and Stamina to help players upgrade their skills. The higher the upgrade level, the more powerful the throws will be, and the orb will travel higher. Additionally, offline cards can be upgraded in the same way. They can help players make some money while offline.


Energy Blast is an extremely addictive game that is ideal for those who want to have fun and relax. With its vibrant and stunning motion graphics, gamers will never be bored playing the game. Download it today and test your skill in determining how long your energy ball goes?

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