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African Violet

African Violet is one of the most easy-to-grow houseplants. It can bloom multiple times per year and requires very little effort. There are hundreds of different varieties available, including variegated leaves or flowers with ruffled edges or white-edged. African violets prefer warm temperatures and filtered sun. However, it is best to avoid watering the fuzzy leaves as they can cause ugly brown spots. This plant can bloom almost continuously if it is placed in a bright spot. It is fun to have a variety of flowers with different shapes and colors.



The cute little plant is triangular and clover-like in appearance. Its purple leaves fold down at night when it gets too dark. Above the foliage, there is a constant display of white or pale pink blooms. There is also oxalis that has plain green leaves with or without silvery accents. Charming is the shamrock-shaped leaves. It makes a great gift for St. Patrick’s Day.


Peace Lily

Although peace lily-white flowers may not be the most flashy, they possess a stately elegance as they rise above the glossy leaves on long, thin stems. The easy-to-care-for plant is able to bloom all year, but it produces its best flowers in summer. Its deep, green leaves give a tropical touch to any room.



Clivia is also known as kaffir lily. It blooms in winter as a houseplant with up to 20 orange-reddish-orange clusters. Clivia flowers only when it is exposed to cool, dry environments. This is a very easy plant to grow. The flowers are brightening up on January days that there isn’t much else in bloom.



There are many kinds of jasmine. Flowered jasmine, J. Polyanthum, and Arabian jasmine are two of the easiest to grow. samba) and polyanthum (J. Vining plants will bear pink-to-white fragrant blooms. These beautiful pink-to-white blooms can be found on most houseplants.


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