Idle Heroes Tier List Updated 2023

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Idle Heroes tier list has been arranged according to the performance of the heroes. It is one of the most popular game, and free to download.
April 24, 2023
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Idle Heroes is a famous and popular game. In this guide we are discussing idle heroes tier list. It is the most complicated game. In this game many game-play factions, lore, units, and elements are packed. Therefore, it is difficult for beginners to understand these things.

To make the game easy the developer of Idle Heroes arranged the heroes according to their performance and role. Now it is easy for beginners to understand the characteristics of different heroes and they can select heroes according to their needs.

Idle Heroes Tier List 2022


In S-Tier there is a total of five heroes. Most of the heroes are the attacker and some are support heroes. They attacker heroes reduce the attack of the enemy. The support heroes provide backup to attackers. These heroes are the best heroes among all the available heroes. You can get an advantage by selecting these heroes. The heroes of S-Tier are Sigmund, Delacium, Heart Watcher, Skerei, and Garuda.

Idle Heroes Tier List


A-Tier contains powerful heroes. The performance of these heroes is less than the above heroes. There are many heroes in this list. These heroes are mostly attackers. A few heroes are support heroes. The attackers have the function to damage and bleed the enemy. These heroes also help in enemy speed reduction. The Fenlier is the most power full hero among them. Select these heroes to clean the content of the game. The heroes of A-Tier are Nokia, Tara, and Das Moge, etc.

Idle Heroes Tier List


The heroes of B-Day Tier are good. To fit these heroes in your team you need more attention. These are finding heroes. The idle heroes tier list is arranged according to their performance. This list is full of attacker heroes that damage enemy heroes. The support heroes help to boost the attack of attackers. Heroes of B-Tier are Aida, Amuvor, and faith Blade, etc.

Idle Heroes Tier List


C-Tier heroes are not good like the above-discussed heroes. The attack of these heroes is also not good but average. You should buy these heroes, if you cannot buy other heroes or if you especially need them. These are not excelling heroes. Most of the heroes are the attacker. The effect stats and bonus of these heroes is also low. Example of C-Tier heroes Aidan, and Jahra, etc.


These are below average heroes. The stats of the bonus of these characters are not good. So they become useless during the game. Only four heroes are in this Tier. Two are attackers and two are support heroes. Their damage to the enemy is also low. So these are not recommended. The Elyvia and Rosa are D-Tier heroes.


The lowest-performing heroes are placed in F-Tier. There are only three heroes in this Tier. All the heroes are attacker heroes. There is no support hero on this list. Always avoid these heroes. Select them when you especially need them. Corpsedemon, Kamath, and Oberon are F-Tier heroes.



In the above article, we discussed the heroes. We discussed more than 200 available idle heroes tier list and their capabilities. The S- Tier heroes are the best performance heroes among all other heroes. The A- Tier and B-Tier are also the best heroes. C-section Tier heroes are average performance heroes. The performance of D-Tier and F-Tier heroes is below average.


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