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The game Left to Survive: Survival permits players to build the weapons they need by putting specific parts to make exclusive weapons that only you have the right to possess.
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Feb 29, 2024
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Left To Survive MOD APK is a survival-themed shooting game on mobile devices developed by My.Com. It’s a fantastic combination of shooting games, survival games, and interaction with other players. You need to figure out how to take down and be the last one to survive.

Left To Survive MOD APK


A global zombie apocalypse occurs in 2024. A deadly virus spread via droplets of air swept across the globe’s most densely populated areas. You are the survivor, Michael helping people and rid areas of the dead. Enemies are lurking around every turn, but you’ll be armed with effective melee weaponry and ranged weapons. Alongside fighting zombies and equipping and constructing your camp’s infrastructure, you can take part in team and solo PvP battles.

Key Features

The world becomes a hazard AROUND THE UNDOOD

The story begins as zombie forces attack humans. They view human life to be food. This is why there are dead bodies on the ground alongside ruined structures. This is different from a deserted area saturated with smoke and the sour aroma of blood. Every survivor becomes a gun-wielding hero fighting to save Earth’s lives and reverse the course of events to stop the apocalypse from happening.


To aid in the mission of eliminating zombies on every street and in every city, players are provided with the latest defence weapon system from Left to Survive Survival. In the hidden treasure, being displayed in front of your eyes are guns, pistols, machine guns, and sniper rifles. You can select them as you need to base on the circumstances and the goal of their use. It will be a great way to enhance their effectiveness and win for the player.

Attractive PvP mode

To avoid boredom in the game and kill zombies, you can also play PvP together with others to challenge your abilities. When you are, and your buddies are avid gun owners. It is best to get them to play a game as a duo to showcase their skills or form a team to defeat any other player. This is also a fantastic opportunity to have fun.

Upgrade Hero Power

The game Left to Survive: Survival permits players to build the weapons they need by putting in specific parts to make exclusive weapons that only you have the right to possess. Your hero’s power will increase when you upgrade your weapons to an improved level. Furthermore, your strength increases due to one particular tool known as the helicopter. They allow you to attack from the sky to surprise and take down enemies on a single note.

Create your own base

In addition to the character and kinds of guns, you can also utilize the funds to construct, modify and customize your base to defend your camp from threats of zombies as well as enemies. Build your base according to your own discretion to build an area of solidity and be unbreakable.

Left To Survive MOD APK

It is also possible to destroy the base of your enemy by helicopter. Just go to the base via helicopter and release a shot to blast down the middle of the target. This will eliminate and steal the assets of the base of an enemy. In the game, nearly everything can be purchased by using the virtual currency that you earn during the game. However, there are a few items you can purchase using real money.


The chance to eliminate any zombies threatening to go back to their homes is to conduct surprise raids. This is when the helicopter is at its best allowing you to look around the location and gain an unobstructed view from the air. Because of this, you’ll be able to come up with rational plans and strategies that are smart and effective, and you can begin making moves. You might have to jump into a tense and flaming fight with your opponent, but the opportunity to acquire zombie weapons has risen, so let’s find them and return them to the main area.

Get Left to Survive MOD for Android

If you are a fan of survival games, Left to Survive is the perfect game for you. You can download and play it on the Android as well as iOS platforms using our hyperlinks below. I hope that you have a wonderful time playing Left to Survive.

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