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Discover how our hatred towards the enemy can lead to victims after the victory. Learn about their past, and aid them in building a positive future. It is helpful to look into their past full of hatred or bullying and the transfer of blame.
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Indeed, raising an emotionally traumatized child is not an easy task. It is difficult to comprehend how sensitive, fragile and agitated they can be and how to handle those complicated emotional issues. All of this will be explained in a frank and realistic game, My Child Lebensborn Mod APK.

My Child Lebensborn MOD APK

What is My Child Lebensborn APK?

Child Lebensborn is a simulation game. Child Lebensborn is a simulation game exploring World Wars II’s horrors. The game starts as your characters take on the Child of a newborn in Norway after the war. It’s not easy to raise him in this hostile and violent setting. The game reflects a distinct and very real aspect of war. It is based on stories influenced by the true stories of the lives of children.

Discover how our hatred towards the enemy can lead to victims after the victory. Learn about their past, and aid them in building a positive future. It is helpful to look into their past full of hatred or bullying and the transfer of blame. It can be helpful when you balance the demands of funds and time to nurture your Child in the most effective way possible.

Your responsibility is to assist them most effectively since they suffered many things when Germany took over their country. They now can be part of a country that celebrates its independence from foreign invaders. Check the body language and expressions of your Child and make the necessary changes. You can affect the Child’s behavior and attitudes towards the world by making choices.

Enjoy heart-warming stories inspired by real-life incidents. Adopt girls or boys from less fortunate countries and assist them in standing on their own feet. Earn money when you complete various jobs and work, and afterwards cook, craft, hunt, and even play. It is essential to use your time and resources effectively to make it through the day.

Many real-time conflicts and other events took place in World War II. The reasons for each and the effects are explained well in the game. The mod version offers unlimited money, a complete paid version that is unlocked, and a complete, free game. Get the most recent version right now.

My Child Lebensborn APK Features

Raise Your Child

Your Child is exposed to the horrendous events resulting from World War II. The game’s events are true and are based on stories about the Lebensborn children who were a part of the conflict. Raising children in a world filled with violent and hostile environments is difficult. Therefore, you must ensure that he is taken care of and offer him every opportunity to make a better life for him.

My Child Lebensborn MOD APK

You’ll be able to see the real costs to the human beings of these wards and the way they devastate families and lives over an entire lifetime. Some people are forced out of their home country to defend themselves and seek refuge and refugee status in various nations.

Spend Your Time/Resources

It is important to choose wisely which areas you’d like to devote your time and money. These are the most crucial assets you’ll have, and you shouldn’t sacrifice their worth. Make sure you invest your money in the necessities of shelter, food, and clothing since they are the primary human needs, and you should avoid luxury items. Build shelters, cultivate food and make money to assist one another.

Make sure your Child is raised to the highest standard possible and minimize the effects of war on him.

Explore their past

Your Child has witnessed victims of violence and death during his childhood. These events will strike the victim hard and will not be difficult to come back from. However, the saying, “You don’t need a great past to build a great future,” is true in this case. It is important to speak with him about these events and ensure that his future is filled by bringing happy moments that precede the sad ones.

So, your child will likely begin recovering and living a life full of enthusiasm to succeed and work hard.

Earn Money

There are many things where you can get involved to earn money, cook, and make crafts, as well as forage and play. Make use of these resources to satisfy your Child’s needs, such as education and food, shelter, and so on, so they can live a more satisfying life than what he is entitled to. Additionally, there are a variety of tasks and achievements that you can complete to earn rewards. Every week, new challenges are occasionally added during festivals to help you earn more resources and increase your gaming level.

It is also possible to start saving and investing in protecting your financial future and being able to provide for yourself in the event you require it.


“Touch the heart” is all I have to say about my Child Lebensborn. You will even cry while engaging in this game. It’s an amazing simulation game infused with humanity and numerous tense choices. Take a moment during your workday by playing My Child Lebensborn, and I think you’ll never waste even a moment.

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