OnePlus Dialer APK For Android 2023


If you're looking for a simple, easy-to-use call recording application, Oneplus Dialer Apk is the app for you. The app is free and available to anyone, so it has no barriers to use
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January 4, 2023
5.0 and up
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If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use call recording application, Oneplus Dialer Apk is the app for you. The app is free and available to anyone, so it has no barriers to use. It also allows you to record calls without the hassle of exposing your location. As a result, it’s a great alternative to other call recording applications. In addition, the application is compatible with Android phones, iPhones, and tablets.

What is Oneplus Dialer Apk?

It has a very clean design and has many features that the Google dialer lacks. For example, it stores your recently saved lists and continues playback from where you last saved it. You can also save playlists with embedded groups and easily find the items you’ve saved in them. You can also use the app to listen to your favorite radio stations. It’s free and can be downloaded anywhere on the internet.

Features of Oneplus Dialer Apk

A popular alternative to the stock Android dialer

The OnePlus Dialer is a popular alternative to the stock Android dialer. The app is free for anyone to use, but users may wish to download the app to their OnePlus device to get more features. There are also some features you will not find in the Google dialer apps, such as auto-play for the last channel or the ability to share lists with friends. Listed below are some of the main features you’ll love about the OnePlus-specific version of the dialer app.

Record silent calls

Record silent calls with the Oneplus Dialer Apk application. It also supports the recording of calls with embedded groups and custom groups. The application can also start the device when it boots up, auto-play for the last channel, and extend playlist history. OnePlus Dialer is a great alternative to other similar apps on the market. The features as mentioned above make it a worthy download. You can download the latest version of the apk here.

Save calls

With the new version, you can listen to recorded calls from the phone’s speakers. The app can also record calls as MP3 files. You can also save recordings. You can even download the app to a computer and recode them later. It’s useful not only for Oneplus devices but also for other Android-based phones. Just follow the links below to download the app.

Record calls

The newest version of Oneplus Dialer is compatible with all OnePlus devices. It has a simple design and is safe to use. All Oneplus devices are compatible with the apk, and you can download it with ease. It also provides direct access to all contacts. It also has a feature for automatic calling. Its interface is elegant and user-friendly, and there is no registration process or sign-up required.

Supports playlists with embedded groups

The free app supports custom groups. It also supports playlists with embedded groups. OnePlus dialer allows you to start the device while it is booting. Several other features of the Oneplus Dialer app include recording calls automatically and an extended playlist history. Besides, this application is compatible with any OnePlus handset. It can also be used on other phones, including non-OnePlus models. It’s a great alternative for your OnePlus phone, and it’s completely free!

Download OnePlus Dialer APK Latest Version 2023

The OnePlus Dialer is free to download and installed on any OnePlus device. The app comes with several features that make it a valuable addition to any smartphone. Besides, it’s compatible with most OnePlus devices, making it the perfect choice for any Oneplus phone owner. Aside from being safe and easy to use, it’s also available for other Android devices too. And despite its free price, it’s easy to find a great one-stop solution for your OnePlus mobile.

oneplus dialer apk

This free app lets you record calls. Unlike the stock dialer, this app doesn’t require registration. You simply need to grant the application permission to access your contacts. And you can use it with the default app. It also allows you to record calls. Moreover, this apk has an extensive list of features, which will make it a great addition to any OnePlus phone.


OnePlus dialer is free to download and is compatible with Android devices. It also supports all of the major brands of Android phones. Unlike the stock dialer, the Oneplus-specific dialer has many benefits for users. Not only can you record calls, but you can also recode and save the recordings for later use. These features make it a useful communication tool for any Android device.


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