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Pixel Combat 2 is an extremely impressive game that sets out to do one thing and succeeds. It's a game where the player must survive as long as possible in increasingly difficult levels.
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May 28, 2024
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Pixel Combat 2 APK is a retro-style pixel art platformer. Your mission in this game is to get from the beginning of a level to the flag at the end. Now for this task, you have a gun and unlimited bullets so it shouldn’t be too difficult right? Wrong! This game not only has enemy creatures but also blocks that shoot at you! The best strategy is to shoot your way through all of the levels on a planet.

Gameplay of Pixel Combat 2

Pixel Combat is back with a second version. If you liked the first, you will love this one. In this new edition, there are different types of weapons and armors to choose from, as well as 8 different enemies to defeat, each tougher than before. New achievements have been also added to keep you challenged.

When you defeat all of the enemies and beat a boss at the end of a planet you will be rewarded with new powers to help you continue your journey. An example is that once you defeat the fire dragon on Planet Pyro, he will give you his flaming shield! This allows you to shoot small projectiles that burst into flames upon impact. Now not only do all of the creatures want to kill you, but some blocks are out to get you too! A great combination of enemies and gameplay make Pixel Combat 2 a game that you’ll be sure to enjoy!

Features of Pixel Combat 2 APK

Play As Soldier

Pixel Combat 2 is an awesome retro platformer game. You play as a soldier who is stuck in space. Your mission is simple: destroy all alien creatures and then fight a boss at the end of each level. Along the way, you will have to dodge enemy fire from blocks that shoot lasers.

Simple Control

If you’re tired of playing games with a complicated control scheme, this is a great game for you! The only controls required are moving back, forth left or right, and shooting enemies.

Collect Powerups to Kill Enemies

Some of the creatures you’ll face are pretty simple, but others will shoot back at you. Throughout the game, you’ll collect power-ups that will make it easier to kill enemies. These include things like laser guns and flame throwers!

Login through Google or Facebook

You can either log in with your Google or Facebook account or simply sign up for a free account. If you do log in with a Google or Facebook account then Pixel Combat 2 will be part of your connected games. Connected games provide extra benefits such as awarding achievements, connecting your friend’s list, and sharing interesting content through social media.

Complete Levels to Get Rewards

Every time an alien creature is destroyed, a powerup drops from the sky! These powerups can either be a permanent powerup that lasts until the end of the game or something temporary like bigger bullets.

When you beat each level’s boss, you will be rewarded with a new power! These powers are significant in making it easier to complete levels. Some examples are being able to shoot fireballs at enemies, create explosions whenever you walk and even turn into an invincible ghost.

PvP Fights in Pixel Combat 2

This version brings a new feature: PvP fights. Now, you can battle other players in an arena and fight for the glory! There are also three different arenas to choose from.

New Game Mode

For the Pixel Combat veterans, we have added a new “Hardcore” mode! This one is insanely challenging so be careful not to break your phone.

Also, in this update, we have added in-game coins that you can use in the Armory to unlock new load-outs and items. There are also achievements for those of you who like challenges!

Play Pixel Combat 2 with Friends Online

You can also duel with friends online! You will be able to create your own custom challenges or join another player’s challenge. This is a great mode for players looking to demonstrate their skills in the game against each other.

Pixel Combat 2 APK Planets

In Pixel Combat 2, there are currently 5 different planets that you can travel to:

Planet Pyro

The fire planet. This is the easiest planet to beat, so if you are new to Pixel Combat 2 this is a good place to learn the controls of the game.

Planet Nebula

The ice planet. This planet has some tricky enemies which will try their best to freeze you! You have limited combat abilities on this planet, so try not to get too frozen.

Planets Xyon and Alpha

These two planets are the most difficult planets in Pixel Combat 2. Beating these levels will require extraordinary skill!

Life on other planets is tough, but it’s even harder when you have an alien creature trying to kill you! Blow up bad guys and dodge weapons with Pixel Combat 2.


In conclusion, Pixel Combat 2 is an extremely impressive game that sets out to do one thing and succeeds. It’s a game where the player must survive as long as possible in increasingly difficult levels. The effectiveness of this approach means that Pixel Combat 2 rises above competitors similar to it, creating an enjoyable experience with few flaws.

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