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You have to beat 18 boxers during the Arcade mode . Once you have defeated a fighter who is a bit tougher, you can move on to the next round.
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January 14, 2023
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Punch Hero MOD APK is a fighting game created by Gamevil and is free to download and available for Android and iOS. It’s safe to say that this game is among the most enjoyable and addicting boxing games I’ve played. The game was an inspiration for Punch-Out!!! The classic boxing game series and the final arcade game series Nintendo made in the 1980s. Powerful punches, boxers are screaming, and the heat of thousands of spectators’ bones broken. There are many things you’ll find out about through this sport.

Punch Hero MOD APK


You have to beat 18 boxers during the Arcade mode . Once you have defeated a fighter who is a bit tougher, you can move on to the next round. The opponent you face is fascinating. They could be boxers, robots, pirates, or even souls. Whatever the opponent yours is, he’s got weaknesses. It is important to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each opponent and then knock him out.

Punch Hero MOD APK

I’m satisfied with the controls that I have in Punch Hero. It’s simple to play, but it’s hard to beat; this is what I have to say about this game. Swipe left for the hook punch, then swipe right to make undercut tabs to strike your opponent on the head. If you’re in a defensive position, you can place two fingers on the screen to ward off your opponent’s attack. If you lose and the referee has started counting down, you can repeatedly touch the screen to restart. Over 10 seconds, you lose.

Punch Hero APK Features

Create your boxer

After registering and naming your character, you can design a character and pick any design you’d like. A good boxer with Santa’s beard? A handsome man with beautiful hair? You can even make special characters such as superheroes, pirates, and robots; gold is the primary currency within Punch Hero. It allows you to purchase products in the stores or improve your game’s stats.

Gold can be acquired through competition or by purchasing gold-based packages using real money. If you’re a shopping fan but don’t have enough cash, Punch Hero MOD can assist you. Mod versions allow players to buy anything they like with the unlimited cash in the game provides. Be aware that you must attain the necessary level in order to purchase items in the game.

Upgrade your boxers

If you play, the game may believe that it is one that shows off the player’s skills as well as dexterity and reflexes. It’s not so much. At some point, I met a few boxers with lots of power and high HP. At that moment, the differences in strength were clearly seen. Even if you’re an experienced player, your chances of winning are extremely slim. That’s why I believe that enhancing your stats is the most effective way. The stats you can improve for boxers are Attack, Defense, Speed, Speed, Skill Mana, and HP. You could do this in your gym for training.

Make sure you are focused on your study

Learn to properly place your foot and not be hit. A good strategy is to pause the whole match and never strike, as most boxers are quicker than you, and even if each starts your uppercut at exactly the same moment, the opponent will strike first. Be aware of the movements of your opponent, and then make sure you respond, you’ll receive a lot more important strikes this way, and even simple jabs can be deadly!

Participate in an amateur fight

Even if you’re at only the minimum amount of health, you can still play the game to earn additional experience points or gold. Because the amateur mode will pay a little more loss than the arcade game for winning, in addition to the speed at which battles pass, even if you begin without energy, you could make a lot more money losing in the amusement circuit than you can win in arcade mode.

Character Customization

Imagine playing a boxing match that lets you choose the character’s appearance. This is exactly what you will experience when you download this game. You can add gnarly beards to your character as well as dress the way you like. It is important to note that there’s a costume shop available in the game. Additionally, there is a variety of merchandise available to aid in improving your gameplay.

Different Modes

As stated above, there are various ways to play the game. Through these modes, you’ll have to face diverse obstacles. The game modes you can use comprise Amateur Mode, Arcade Mode, well as Pro Mode. Improve the hooks and uppercuts and japs, as you progress on the field.

Utilize your image

This is probably the most impressive aspect that the sport. It lets you appear as a boxer during the game, wearing your actual face. With Punch Hero, you can put your face in the game by placing your image inside the frame.

Sound Effects

The developers also take care of also the sound system. The soundtrack, for instance, is fun, and the player who cries after hitting is perfect. If you want to know what the most significant feature of Punch Hero is, it will include the sounds. The sound effect is one of the elements of the game we love the most. The sound effects are all played in a humorous and serious way. You can also change the volume of the game and then disable it if you need to. Punch Hero without sound; however, it’s not a Punch Hero. Don’t forget to bring your headphones!

Money is a crucial aspect of the game as it allows us to buy important equipment like boxing equipment and gold packs. However, in the normal version of the game, we only have a small amount of money available which means we’re not able to use the best equipment and lose the game to more powerful players. Therefore, we have included an unlimited cash feature in this version of the Punch Hero Mod Apk that allows you to buy any item from the game store without having to spend any cash.

Unlimited Gold

The game’s gold currency is its top currency. It allows us to buy clothes and accessories for characters. To get gold, we need to be able to complete a few difficult levels that require a considerable quantity of effort and effort to finish. Therefore, I’m sharing a hacked variation from Punch Hero in which you can play any amount of gold you want without restrictions.


Download the updated version of Punch Hero if you want to be able to spend unlimited money on the game. This feature lets you can unlock any character and as well, customize additional characters.

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