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Design your dream theme park anytime, anywhere in this relaxing simulation game. RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch allows creating unique rides, scenery and attractions to thrill guests and grow your park empire.
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What theme park tycoon enthusiast wouldn’t jump at the chance to recreate their favorite pastime on the go? Now mobile gamers can indulge their park planning passions anytime with RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch MOD APK. Brought to iOS and Android by developer Nomad Games, RTC Touch translates the depth and charm of the classic series into a polished simulation optimized for portable play.


Players start with humble beginnings, founding their very own pocket-sized amusement park. Through careful planning, construction, and management, they’ll grow their plot into a thriving tourist destination. Attractions, staffing, finances, and customer happiness must all be balanced to continue expanding. New areas, shops, rides, and park features become available as milestones are reached.

RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch MOD APK

Features of RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch

Here are the exciting features of the game:

Park Management

The meat of the game lies in attentive management across multiple areas. Blueprints allow precise placement of rides, scenery, and facilities. Rotating between comprehensive menus grants control over construction, staffing, ticket pricing, park upkeep, marketing efforts, and more. Challenging objectives reward forward progress.

Design Your Own Rollercoasters

Players can fully design their own custom rollercoasters from blueprint to opening day. An intuitive tool allows for setting the perfect path, heights, speeds, drops, and inversions. Visual test mode eases tweaking until thrill and safety factors hit ideal levels. Unique coaster blueprints can then be shared worldwide.

An Interesting Water Park

Beyond dry rides, exciting water park facilities become accessible for any seaside or tropical-themed park. Players can craft their own aquatic playgrounds with waterslides, pools, splash zones, and interactive fountains. Revenue increases as heated areas accommodate all-season visitors.

Customize Your Park

Every aspect of the park’s exterior and attractions is customizable. Unique themes, scenery, paths, music, and branded decor customize the whole experience. Seasonal touches bring holiday excitement. Staff uniforms can also represent various periods or celebrity franchises for full immersion.

RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch MOD

Daily Missions and Rewards

New short and long-term missions unlock daily, weekly or in special events. From guest happiness goals to new construction targets, completing missions rewards currency, exclusive gear, or special guest appearances boosting appeal. This incentivizes regular play for continuing progression.

Ride Design

Coasters and flats can be researched and then meticulously constructed placement using an intuitive tool. Parameters like height, speed, length, and scenery are customized. Test mode previews ensure design quality before opening day. Special limited-time rides also unlock.

Visitors and Revenue

Guest happiness impacts revenue generated from tickets, concessions, and souvenirs. Factors like ride capacity, wait times, cleanliness, and excitement determine satisfaction levels. Funds are poured back into improvements to attract bigger crowds. Events inject special goals.

Online Features

Social network integration lets you follow friends’ parks for ideas. Leaderboards compare stats. Customizable avatars and profiles provide bragging rights. Periodic special events incentivize repeat play.

Other fun touches like day/night cycles, interactive thought bubbles, and eye-catching visuals maintain the lively atmosphere. Flexible touch controls optimize portability. Frequent quality updates ensure longevity.


By encapsulating the full park simulation experience within a mobile package, RollerCoaster Tycoon MOD APK delivers on genre expectations. Whether killing time in line or commuting, players can dive into detailed management anytime. Combining creative construction and strategic challenges, it forms an addictive amusement for any park design enthusiast on the go.

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