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Shoujo City 3D allows players to enter an open world and begin dating girls they like. They will interact and take them to new places to deepen and expand their relationships.
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Shoujo City
Mar 24, 2024
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Shoujo City 3D MOD APK is an anime dating simulator game that combines the gameplay of novels with bishoujo images. This game is now available on APKSTREAMS in the MOD APK version, which allows unlimited money. Just download the game, and then follow the instructions to install it. You can then incarnate the love story that includes adventures in the city.

Shoujo City 3D allows players to enter an open world and begin dating girls they like. They will interact and take them to new places to deepen and expand their relationships. You’ll also need to be attentive to their needs and make an impression at every outing. You will also need to have enough money to purchase the things you want.

Date in Tokyo City

Many games are focused on romantic relationships. Many dating simulation games focus on different types. This is the game for you if you are comfortable with any kind of relationship.

Shoujo City 3D, an anime-style dating simulator game, is very popular. You can win your girlfriend’s heart by engaging in many activities. You can go on dates, shop for food and clothing, customize, and cosplay in the city. This game is endlessly fun and offers many different activities. You can go on hundreds or even thousands of dates if you want! This is how much fun this game can be.

Features of Shoujo City Apk

Here are the interesting features available in the game that you will love.

New Items Can Be Found In Shinto Shrine

Shoujo City 3D allows players to fully experience the Shinto Shrine. This shrine is a symbol of Japanese culture. In addition, new items and food stalls are available in the new game. This is what makes it attractive to players who come with their friends to explore the world.

Take a Visit to the Big City with Cute Girls

Shoujo City 3D will allow you to interact with all elements in a large open world. The world is not full of characters, but there are only a few essential characters you can interact with. One of these is the girls you can conquer by going on dates with them. You should take the time to do it and make the most of the opportunity.

You will first need to create a female character. This can be customized with any appearance elements that you choose. You can control your character and select the girl you want. You will be able to see your apartment after you have created the character. However, money is not an option as you won’t have much. You will also discover the hobbies of the girl.

You need to be able to communicate with your date and take her to places. You should also read about your hobbies before going to dinner with her. If you plan to incorporate the outfit into a particular area, you will need to make changes to the outfit. You can also use the money you earn to improve your experience. You’ll have to figure out how to do it.


Shoujo City 3D allows you to create your character at the beginning of the game. Your girlfriend will also be there. You can make many characters with different faces and heights. You are the one who has to care for your girlfriend. Try to get her sympathy.


Shoujo City 3D allows you to date your girlfriend in a visual novel fashion. You can go out with your girlfriend, to a restaurant, or join an event. You may also be wondering what it would look like if you were playing a male character. But why do you need a girlfriend? The game is about two Yuri girls.

This is a new experience that two girls share in their love story. The game allows for intimate interactions between lovers. You can also play games with your girl to strengthen your relationship.

There Are Many Interesting Activities

Shopping is essential because this story is not unlike any other. With a wide selection of clothes available, you can customize your character’s outfit. You can also do many different things to improve your mental and physical health.

The school-age is the most beautiful in life. You can attend school to learn and participate in athletic activities such as marathons, tennis, and other running events. Outside of school, you can join artistic movements such as piano practice.

Cooking a delicious meal is the best way to win someone’s love. You will need to be able to prepare delicious dishes and use the right ingredients to win the affection of your anime girlfriend.


You can also personalize your character by purchasing cosplay clothes or accessories. You and your girlfriend can even transform into different characters like maids and catgirls.

Make More Money to Buy Items You Like

Shoujo City 3D will allow players to find exciting jobs and travel to new places with their girls. Each career can be varied and paid at a location you can see on its bulletin board. In addition, you will find squirrels, pinecones, and other objects at specific locations. They can be exchanged for money and have a variable value.

You can make money by working as a part-time Miko in the yard, sweeping leaves, and making the Shrine more beautiful. To look like a Miko, you will need to change your clothes. You might also be interested in part-time work.


Shoujo City 3D features stunning graphics and adorable characters. This game will take you to Tokyo’s magnificent, lavish city. To enjoy this game smoothly, you will need a highly configurable device because of the intricate graphics.


Don’t hesitate to download this game right now to start a romantic romance story. But, do you have the courage to take on your “waifu?”

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